Why is My Android and iPhone Battery Yellow (Here’s The Fix)

If you are a smartphone user then you might be familiar that a battery is one of the vital accessories in one’s phone. In our digital and progressing world, we all stick to our smartphones all day long, walking around the street, in friends’ company, eating food, etc. We continuously do something on our phones and sometimes just jump from one app to another without any reason. Also, many people use the phone for beneficial use and smartly. We can chat with our friends, watch shows and movies, video call someone, and a bunch of other things too. For all this stuff, we need good battery time and sustainable battery health. I hope this article will helpful for you Why is My Android and iPhone Battery?

When we have to go on a journey, then we need power banks for charging our phones and to connect with the world every time. Smartphone companies are enhancing and making new phones with improved battery times and with more watch hours on screen. This is also a good way to attract customers to buy their gadgets too. Anyway, in most phones we see different phases of battery icons on our screen in form of color-changing patterns in the following ways:

Why is My Android and iPhone Battery Yellow (Here’s The Fix)

Why is My Android and iPhone Battery Yellow

  • The green light represents that you have connected your charger with your phone.
  • The red light shows that your battery level is drastically low and the phone will shut down in few times.
  • There is a midway, which shows us the yellow light while on some phones it is white or transparent. It represents that your battery is draining continuously.

Sustainable battery timing:

Most Android phones have perfect battery timing, and also they don’t consume the battery too quickly. This gives their customers a great experience of call hours. Samsung, Huawei, Redmi, etc. have perfect battery timings. When we talk about iOS, which is a multinational and competitive company that has not done well in terms of providing its users with a great battery time.

Their phones have disappointed regardless of many good features better than Android phones, but their battery life is not so convincing. It has been many years, but still, the iPhones don’t have made any changes to improve the battery health and timing on their phones whether it is the oldest phone or the latest phone. They have high-resolution screens which do consume a lot of battery, but the designers have not made any satisfying changes till now.

Yellow light is a low-power mode:

When you turn your battery-saving mode ON, the transparent or white battery showing on your phone will turn yellow. It is a setting that enables your Android phone and iOS phones to continue operating while consuming less battery and power. This extends your screen time though for a longer period. The features turned OFF include but are not limited to just refreshing background apps like fetching emails, voice control, brightness, other visual effects, etc.

This mode is in your hand because if you want to turn it ON then go on and your battery will be optimized. You can also change settings. You can set the battery optimization and power saving mode ON by which percentage. It is not compulsory that after 80 percent battery, this mode gets turned ON. You can also set this to 50 percent or less depending on your usage and the next time of charging availability.

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How do enable and disable Low power mode?

This can be done easily by anyone.

Follow These Steps

  • Go to your settings
  • Scroll down and find the battery option depending on what phone you are using.
  • Just tap on the toggle slider to turn the low power mode ON and OFF.


By doing so you have enabled or disabled the power-saving mode. We see that without using our phone’s battery keeps on draining without any running app or songs while the screen is OFF. The power-saving mode will allow your phone to decrease background running apps and your phone can live all day long or even multiple days on a single charge.

Advantages of Low power mode:

The following are the advantages:

  • Your battery time will be increased as your phone has an optimized background running apps.
  • The mobile screen will be turned OFF, if not in usage for 30 seconds. The same goes with the power OFF and the screen will be locked in 30 seconds.
  • Downloads will be paused for that time.
  • Screen visuals including brightness and colors will get changed and are less battery-consuming.
  • Wi-Fi will not use your battery and mobile data too.

Disadvantage of using Low power mode:

The biggest con of this model is that you might miss something important as your emails are not downloaded automatically, background apps will be shut down including all types of messengers and even some notifications are not received at all during this mode. Sometimes, you will also face mobile data or Hotpot/Wi-Fi might turn off due to this power-saving mode.

How Low power mode turns off automatically?

When you charge your phone up to 80 percent or above, the phone will automatically turn OFF the power-saving mode. But when your mobile battery comes down from 80 percent, then it will automatically turn ON and your battery will start showing yellow color. Likewise, your app usage and battery consumption will be optimized by your phone and less battery will be used.

Your battery percentage also depends on your battery health which comes to 90 percent usually as the users don’t care about their battery life. The less the battery health, there will be less screen time and the power mode will be turned ON.

Yellow light on the iPad/ iOS:-

When you go to your battery settings in your iPhone, then it will also show the graph of your battery consumption. If the consumption has been greater then you can choose to toggle ON the power saving mode ON.

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