Why Does My Jaw hurt? Top 5 Possible Causes and Relief Tips

One side of your jaw can be dangerous, but it is not usually important. You may be suffering from dental problems or you may be wondering if you are grinding your teeth in the evening. Almost everybody experiences jaw pain eventually in their lives. The reason behind the Jaw pain is very simple Dental problems, Stress, Sinus, Headache, and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). Here I discuss Why Does My Jaw hurt? Top 5 Possible Causes and Relief Tips

Why Does My Jaw hurt? Top 5 Possible Causes and Relief Tips

Why Does My Jaw Hurt

Cause of jaw pain:

1: Trigeminal neuralgia:

This persistent condition is typically brought about by strange tension on the trigeminal nerve. This tension can prevent the nerves from working appropriately, causing serious torment. Wounds or mental problems can likewise cause this condition. Trigeminal neuralgia is most normal in ladies and individuals beyond 50 years old. The principal side effect is serious torment that normally happens on one side of your face.

It very well may be a torment:

  • Happens when you contact your face or move facial muscles, at any rate
  • Make sentiments like shooting, punching, or injury.
  • Feeling like consistent agony or consuming
  • Wrinkles all over
  • Happens in episodes that keep going for seconds or minutes.
  • Found in your lower jaw, cheeks, or mouth.

The aggravation is many times short yet irritating.

2: TMJ:

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) messes influence the joint that interfaces your skull and jaw. A plate isolates the bones in this joint and assists it with moving appropriately. Assuming the circle becomes skewed or the joint is harmed, you could encounter torment and different side effects on one of the two sides of your jaw.

Different side effects of TMJ problems include:

  • Delicacy around your jaw
  • Ear infection
  • Torment, clicking or popping while biting or opening your mouth
  • Trouble opening and shutting your mouth if the joint locks

Issues known to influence TMJ problems include:

  • Joint inflammation
  • Teeth grasping or crushing
  • Tissue harm
  • Tooth harm or misalignment
  • Jaw disease or injury
  • Harm to the ligament in the joint

3: Heart attack

Women specifically encounter jaw torment on the left half of their countenances during a heart attack. If you experience the following symptoms, it means you are getting a heart attack:

  • chest discomfort
  • shortness of breath
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • feeling faint

3: Osteomyelitis:

Osteomyelitis is a type of bone infection. The infection spread when the bacteria enter the bone.

Your jawbone could become tainted after a dental medical procedure, assuming you have a genuine dental medical problem, or on the other hand if your mouth is harmed here and there. Conditions that influence your resistant wellbeing can likewise build your gamble.

This disease can spread and cause bone demise. Brief therapy with anti-microbials can assist with forestalling genuine complexities, so it’s critical to get clinical consideration assuming you have:

  • Demolishing torment in your jaw
  • A fever
  • Enlarging or delicacy in your teeth or jaw
  • Redness or warmth in the agonizing region
  • Sleepiness or weariness
  • Awful breath
  • Inconvenience opening and shutting your mouth because of torment and expanding
  • Deadness in your jaw, lips, or mouth

Top 5 Possible Causes and Relief Tips

4: Tumors and cysts:

These two kinds of developments vary. Growths are masses of tissue and pimples for the most part contain liquid. Either can cause torment in your jaw, however, both are fairly interesting.

Frequently, they aren’t dangerous, yet they can in any case affect oral wellbeing. They might develop rapidly, making your teeth move awkward and annihilating bone and tissue in your jaw and mouth.

A portion of the more normal growths and pimples incorporate that can influence your mouth include:

  • ameloblastoma
  • red or white patches in your mouth
  • waiting for touchiness or raspy inclination in your throat
  • inconvenience gulping or moving your jaw
  • tissue development around teeth
  • a jaw or facial enlarging

Therapy relies upon the kind of development and its goal, yet early identification and clinical consideration can work on the possibilities of fruitful treatment.

5: Sinusitis:

Sinusitis is an aggravation of the covering of the sinuses. The sinus cavity has four sets of pairs. They are associated with limited channels. The sinuses produce dainty bodily fluid that emerges from the nasal sections. This helps stay out of trouble and liberated microorganisms.

Tips for Relief:

If you have temporary pain in your jaw. You can use these tips which can help you to prevent pain:

  1. Use Heat: Use a heat bag to relax your muscles.
  2. Use Ice: it will help you to numb the pain
  3. Massage the affected joint: Using your index and middle finger, press the irritated region of your jaw, for example, the region just before your ear where your jaw joints meet
  4. Try massage. . A medical services supplier, actual specialist, or back rub advisor can involve rub treatment to assist with delivering torment and strain in your jaw.
  5. Try to relax. On the off chance that your jaw torment comes from a grating or grinding your teeth, unwinding methods can assist you with trying not to involve this as a pressure reaction. Loosening up your muscles can likewise assist with easing torment.
  6. Change your sleeping position. On the off chance that you generally rest on a similar side or lay down with your hand under your jaw, this could come down on your muscles.

Which food can be helpful?

Some suitable dietary options include:

  • plain yogurt
  • smoothies
  • soaked or cooked oats
  • soft fruits
  • cottage cheese
  • scrambled eggs

When to see a specialist

Even though jaw torment isn’t generally not kidding, torment joined by specific side effects could highlight a more difficult condition that requires treatment.

You might need to think about seeing your medical care supplier or dental specialist assuming the torment keeps close by for more than a couple of days or appears to clear up and return.

Here are a few different signs it could be an ideal opportunity to hear a clinical expert’s point of view:

  • You experience difficulty eating, drinking, gulping, or relaxing.
  • Torment makes it hard to move your mouth as you generally would.
  • You have to expand or a fever that doesn’t disappear.
  • You have extreme torment that out of nowhere disappears after an eruption of pungent fluid that preferences and scents unsavory.

A high fever, outrageous agony, or enlarging that influences your capacity to inhale and swallow are on the whole genuine side effects that require brief treatment.

Assuming that you have jaw torment with these side effects, it’s ideal to go to pressing consideration as opposed to sitting tight for a meeting with your medical care supplier. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have a dental specialist, our Healthline Observe Care device can assist you with associating with doctors in your space.


How can I relieve jaw pain?

  1. Eat soft foods.
  2. Use ice to reduce swelling.
  3. Reduce jaw movements.
  4. Take measures to reduce stress

Prompt treatment with antibiotics can help prevent serious complications, so it’s important to get medical care if you have:

  1. worsening pain in your jaw.
  2. a fever.
  3. swelling or tenderness in your teeth or jaw.
  4. redness or warmth at the painful area.
  5. tiredness or fatigue

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