What is Twitch : How to Use and Grow With Raid (Step by Step)

Twitch is a gaming-only video streaming platform. If you’re a player who wants to interact with an audience or watchers, Twitch is the finest solution. Twitch. tv is where you can see the live feeds. You can also listen to streams that have already been recorded. It’s a software company established in the United States that specializes in live-streaming video games. You can read the complete article on What is Twitch?

There are also music, talk shows, and television shows accessible to stream. Twitch is well-known software with approximately 45 million users as of 2013. Twitch is a forerunner of “JUSTIN TV,” which contains the word of its founder, “JUSTIN KAT.” This app has been available for over ten years. Twitch had over 3.8 million streamers and broadcasters as of February 2020.

What is Twitch : How to Use and Grow With Raid (Step by Step)

What is Twitch

What type of Content Twitch is offering?

When you join a stream, you can really see everything that the streamer views on their device. Users of Twitch can also participate in internet advertising. When a streamer sends a message out into the world. He’ll provide a link to an application he’d like to recommend in his message.

Viewers who purchase the game using their link will give the broadcasters a commission. Everybody already gets what they want this way. The firm utilizes broadcasters to promote itself. Streamers, like viewers, need money, and viewers, in turn, need the games that streamers deliver. You can also engage yourself in the stream’s comment thread.

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What are Raids on Twitch?

This is one of the stupidest features introduced by Twitch. A huge amount of people disliked this feature. Due to the extreme hate hashtags were introduced to make the Twitch owner realize. Hashtags like “ do better twitch” and “ A day off Twitch” were the most common at that point.

The concept of raid is the transfer of audience from one twitch channel to another twitch channel. This usually happens because of the extreme love of viewers for their streamers. When a streamer goes offline then an audience of that streamer goes to someone else’s channel. It is usually done to boost and support small creators on twitch.

What is the Hate Raid?

Before discussing how to raid on twitch we will discuss hate raids. Due to the hate raids, a large number of streamers are going into depression. This is because the fans of a specific streamer go to another creator and use slang and illiterate words. A person abuses this in a hate raid by utilizing bots to overwhelm a streamer’s chat section with furious comments. Bots are fictitious users who have been trained to monitor a channel or type in a chat.

Some broadcasters have expressed concern that if they go offline because they are unable to deal with insults in chat and are reported to the site, hate raid victims’ accounts would be blocked.

Broadcasters are in charge of monitoring the content on their channels, which may include a chat component, in accordance with the platform’s guidelines.

How to Raid Twitch on Mobile:

Raiding on twitch is not difficult at all. You can do it from mobile, laptop, as well as PC. However, it is a bit difficult to raid on twitch if you are using any browser.

First of all, you have to two write a phrase in the following format: “ /raid channel name’

  • You can do the above-written step when you are live streaming. You have to write this phrase in your chat box/bar. Obviously, you will replace the channel name with any other name of the channel.
  • Now, click on the button named raid now. This button will automatically occur in your upper bar or pop-up bar.
  • You can also see the number of viewers who are ready to raid a specific channel.
  • Now, you are ready to go.

Who Can Raid on Twitch:

If you want your channel not to be raided by the viewers then you can also do this by changing your settings. The simple step for this is to configure your settings.

Follow these Steps

Frist Go to settings.

  • Then change the mode of the channel by selecting the option of ‘followers chat only’ with Settings
  • This is an extremely useful thing if you want to limit the viewers to raiding your channel for chaotic reasons.

You can also apply the settings in which only your friends can raid you. If you want to do this then follow the steps:

  • Go to settings. You can see the logo of the gear of the settings.
  • Then move to creator dashboard settings. You can see this option in the menu bar.
  • Then go to preferences and then finally go to channel settings.
  • Navigate to raid and select the friend-only feature.

How to Use and Grow With Raid (Step by Step)

How to Raid on Twitch from PS4:

This is nothing so difficult. You just have to follow the same thing if you are broadcasting from PS4. Not only PS4 the procedure is the same for all types of devices. Whether you are using PS4, PS5, or Nintendo switch.

How to end Raid on Twitch?

You can end the raid in the same way you have started. Follow the steps to end a raid.

  • First of all, you have to two write a phrase in the following format: “ /unraid’channel name’
  • Now, click on the button named unraid now. This button will automatically occur in your upper bar or pop-up bar.
  • You can also see the number of viewers who are ready to end the raid on a specific channel.
  • Now, you are ready to go.

Can Mods Raid on Twitch:

All of the twitch commands can be used by moderators as well as streamers. Moderators can raid a channel, block a user, and turn on the follower-only mode in their twitch chats. If your twitch raid is not working then update the twitch app.

Raid Message Twitch ideas:

Well, you can see twitch raid Reddit ideas on the Reddit app. This got us thinking of creative ways of welcoming a raid to show off some personality.

A person on Reddit shares his experience in the following way:

I just act like we’re actually being raided and start giving out orders to “man the Battlestations!” and “defend the castle with your lives!”. I’m not sure anyone thinks it’s funny but me, but I have fun.

Twitch Raids vs Hosts:

Since we have discussed the twitch raids. Now we will discuss twitch hosts. Assume you visit a website that has a YouTube video. The website serves as a conduit between the source (video) and the website visitor by hosting the video.

This is a representation of Twitch’s host function. While their own stream remains dormant, creators can host other channels, bringing in new viewers, subscribers, and followers. The host’s conversation remains private in this case, and he or she does not actively participate in the hosted channel’s streaming.

Can you raid on Twitch without an affiliate:

No. If your broadcast has ended, you will automatically host the channel that you are raiding.


So now you have it: our easy introduction to raiding on Twitch – an intriguing little tool that can help you spread the word about new streams hoping to break into the scene. Please post any questions on how to raid on Twitch in the comments section below, and we will respond as quickly as possible. Better yet, stop by our Community hub and talk about anything and everything with other Twitch lovers.

Hope you have now understood how to raid on twitch. Also,  have a look at the video for further explanation.

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