What Does Idle Mean on Discord

Discord app is huge and familiar among pro gamers, in the world of YouTube and among YouTube creators. But, anybody can use it as messaging app like we have the bunch of apps in the market like WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram etc. Likewise, you can not only send text messages but also send the voice messages and also plus point is that you can do video chats and share screen. It is actually all in one communication platform and it is free to use.  There are channels, servers and members which are main highlights of the app in form of three different layouts on left side of the app.

What Does Idle Mean on Discord:

What Does Idle Mean on Discord

Terms to understand for Discord app:

One can download it on iOS and Android and easily accessible where you have to create your account on it. On the main page, we have the small menu where whole thing is situated. Well on the desktop or PC, it is pretty much the same where you have to use the headset which in voice messages. But, you get the additional feature of searching any server on it too.


They can possibly be the entire game or anybody’s digital world or company. So, they are well organized here in the app in form of server which are actually groups. You can invite your friends to it too. If you want to create your server or join any, then press the plus sign in the menu bar. If you create server then you will get the link which you can share in various platforms to invite people there. Likewise, if you want to join the group then click on it and you will get the space bar, where you can insert the server link share by you friends or anybody familiar. The server share link expires in one day if you have not set the time. Otherwise, you can set a proper time or set never expire in the settings. One can also set the most number of people which can join the group or server. When you slide press back, you again are on the same initial page and there are basically two main pages which you are to worry about.

What Does Idle Mean on Discord New


You can organize things in server with the help of channels. There are two types of channels

  • First is sign of microphone which demonstrates the community or group of people who talk in voice notes.
  • Other is hashtag which shows those who talk through voice messages. By simply keep pressing the channel, you can clone it, or you also get options by popup which asks you to invite people or not.

In the top right corner, there are three dots where you can click and do many things like inviting people, creating channels, creating categories etc. Basically character is the folder created for us through which we can organize our thoughts. When you open it, you have the plus sign here where you can create a channel with in that folder.

Screen sharing:

This is done through the DMs folder where you can send invite to the server and also the conversation will not go public.


It is the premium and exclusive subscription for people, so they can use the special Emotes in the DM or server chats.

Different statuses on Discord:

The discord status means your availability on the app. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Online: It is the symbol that you are online on the app right now, and you are using the screen. It will be shown in the online bar on one side of the app. Also, if someone pings you then you will get the ping notification in form of pop up sound too.

Do Not Disturb: If some pings you now, then you will get the notification but not get the sound. It means that you don’t want to be bothered.

Invisible: It shows you completely offline whether you are checking for messages of someone, but it would show as if you are not online.

Idle Mean on Discord

Set a custom status: You can make status of your own by typing random thing, and also you can set for how much time, it should remain , and after that time you will be back to your online or idle statuses.

Idle: This one can be said as automatic because if you are idle it means you have been away from your discord. It also probably means that you have closed the app and you are not literally with the open app. If you were online and you close the app or doing nothing, then after five minutes, the system will send you to idle status which means you have been away from keyboard. It will automatically switch off your account whether you on another app to actually away from device where you use discord.

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