6 Reasons Why Your Text Message Sent But Not Delivered Android

In modern and progressing technology today, we still have some bugs or say issues which we face on various platforms. These issues might include signal problems, server problems, fault in connection lines, phone problems in sending or receiving data and various others. These problems are sorted as soon as possible by the maintenance and developers of the device. We also face some problems in the banking fields too when the banks have servers down. In this article i will tell you Top 6 Reasons Why Your Text Message Sent But Not Delivered Android.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Text Message Sent But Not Delivered Android


Due to this, our money also gets stuck, and don’t even receive a message from the bank in online banking or on ATM transactions. If we talk about text messages which are our basic need today. We have surpassed the era of posts and letters when one had to wait for several days for receiving and sending a message. But, as technology progressed the letters and post system was replaced by text messages and various electronic devices. But, sometimes we face problems in sending and also receiving messages. There could be various reasons here which could be because of not receiving messages even if they are sent/delivered from the other phone.

1) Airplane mode regarding message delivery

When someone puts their cell phone on airplane mode which is also named the Don’t disturb mode on some phones. The mobile system will turn off the signals of your sim card and also your Wi-Fi connection too. By doing this, your phone will be seen as unreachable if you are called, or the call service center will tell you that number is powered off or not in network range. There could be anything by just turning on this mode.

But, when suddenly you turn off this mode, the system will take some time to get you back to the network, and those messages which were sent during this time of airplane mode will be delivered one by one later on to you or that recipient phone. Also, some messages will not be still received which are lost somewhere along the lines. If you are sending or delivering your message then it will be delivered as soon as your receiver has turned off the airplane mode.

2) Location problems in concern to message delivery

You are out of town or in that area where the signal-providing towers are far away from your location. Then the signals which are coded messages by the company in form of waves after striking the modulator and amplifier on the tower will not be able to reach your cellphone’s receiver. You can also see the signals getting down after you reach that part of the world where there are no towers. This happens mostly in the desert or forest areas that are far off from any network.

Your messages will be struck midway, and you will not receive them, or your message will not be delivered to you at that time. Sometimes, your messages are delivered from your phone but not received on the receipt’s phone due to area problems.

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3) Message sent but not received on other apps

If we talk about various apps in the market which are used for communication other than the messaging app built-in in your phone. Those apps include IMO, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp messenger, Instagram messenger, Line app, Telegram, Discord, or any other app, then there could be issues of not receiving messages when your sender buddy has already sent them. On these downloaded apps, there could be the most probable issue which is the app update. Sometimes, you are using the outdated version which could cause problems in your message delivery or receiving data. Also, sometimes the newly launched apps have bugs that could be fixed by the developers. When they will resolve the issue, the communication will become smooth and faster.

4) Storage issues concerning message delivery

Sometimes when are more on the messaging app, we text also, likewise we receive so many messages too. Our phone has storage issues also which when occupied to its fullest, then you will not receive any message even after already been sent by the deliverer. You will have to clear the old messages which would make space for new ones. On some phones, you will receive a message from the system that storage is full whenever it wants to receive a new message. This phenomenon was common on old phones with less storage but less common in today’s Android/ iOS phones.

5) Longtime not using the messaging app

It also happens when we have so many other communicating apps in the lot which also face problems. But, when we don’t use the messaging app on our phone for so long which is also not updated sometimes, then we have to “Refresh” the app when we have a lot of storage but have not refresh it. The messages will be received but not shown sometimes which could be resolved easily by refreshing the app.

Your Text Message Sent But Not Delivered 2023 solution

6) Corrupt files could harm the messaging performance

The corrupted files could be in the form of any virus which is affecting your files and system. The virus could be transferred to our phone when we connect it to any corrupted device through any cable or USB card. It could be so overpowering sometimes that your phone can face software problems and your phone will shut down. But, when there is not any virus then the major issue could be the “Cache data” which is minor bits of data storage. It is created automatically on your phone, whenever you open any app or any website for the first time.

This cache created is used by the apps and browsers for working faster and more effectively. If someone asks you not to reply to messages which you didn’t receive due to corrupted cache files stored for so long on your phone. You just need to go to your settings, then open the messaging app from the installed apps, go to the storage of the app and clear the cache which is unnecessary data. Also, this cached data is safe to clear, and it will not harm any of your data because it is actually to enhance the performance of the app not causing an error if not corrupted.

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