PoE 3.8 Syndicate Cheat sheet and Tips – How to Get Tier 4 Rank Members

PoE 3.8 Syndicate Cheat sheet and Tips – How to Get Tier 4 Rank Members:

The Syndicate has been on the verge of exile since its inception in the Battle League. It was soon established that if he could form a syndicate, he could make a lot of money. He disappeared most of the time after the betrayal since it was difficult to attack the union. However, with the arrival of version 3.8, things have changed.

Syndicate Cheat farming is easy to attack, and Grinding Gear Games has changed some of the rewards to make it more profitable. This guide will talk about target farming, most profitable masters, and reward optimization. This PoE syndicate chat sheet will be relevant in the future, but it’s aiming for 3.8, so keep that in mind when we talk about the value of rewards!

Syndicate Cheat

Why is target Farming Syndicate easier in 3.8?

The easiest way for syndicates to target forms is the masterpiece.

Now, instead of randomly searching maps for masters. Occasionally scattering them across specific maps. When you complete a map, you only get one token towards the master.

In other words, every time you complete a map, there’s a good chance you’ll get a teacher token. You can then issue those tokens to that master along with the card to force that master to use that card. This means that if you run a bunch of cards indiscriminately, you’ll have plenty of master tokens to use.

The downside is that the tokens you get are the same set of map levels you were working on. If you have played level 1-5 cards, you can exchange this token only for level 1-5 cards. This is usually a big problem for some other crafters. However, the syndicate is static and no matter what level of the map you are on, it makes it particularly powerful without the need for a red token.

So if you manage to get your hands on a ton of lower-level cards, run and kill the boss ASAP so you can reward yourself with plenty of Master Quests. This theory works with any level card, it’s very cheap to get rid of low-level cards. Once you have completed all the missions, read the rest of the guide and complete them effectively.

Which ones are the most lucrative Masters? 

3.8 also noticed some changes in teaching awards. One change, in particular, will be discussed as it directly affects our farming strategy. This is the Legion Scarbus wagon add-on. The wagon has gone from a terrible teacher to a Legion master. And he awards different Legion awards to each house. However, the most relevant are the Beatles. Which are taken from studies. You heard me right, these are the only scars that come from research and not interference. This allows us to farm three different scars with our strategy. which will be explained later.

PoE 3.8 Syndicate Cheat sheet and Tips Tricks

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So which of the masters is the most profitable? In particular, there are six masters we will talk about here. They will all cite their position in intervention or exploration. As these are the most profitable homes to date. When it comes to interventions. There are three masters you need to know about: Camera, Rin, and Gravish. The three drops in Scarabus Intervention and the Scarabs they drop are Sulfite, Mapping, and Divination, respectively. If you manage to raise one of these masters to three stars. It will drop a golden scarab. Which is very expensive for all these special scarabs, especially sulfite.

The research is a bit more interesting, but there are also three masters to focus on. As we mentioned earlier, now that Vagon is donating Scarbus to Research Legion, it’s very profitable. Voices can also be useful or profitable by putting white plugs on teams, although their market is rapidly filling up in previous leagues. However, the level 3 thing that survived the investigation is the most lucrative master you can get.

The deal is that when he investigates, he upgrades the bracket to a higher level. If you take it to the third level, it will turn this breakstone into pure breakstone, which is very expensive. Whenever you reach research level 3, just buy the Uul-Netol Breach stone, upgrade it to Pure, and resell it. It will produce at least 100 Chaos Orbs permanently, regardless of the league.

How do I optimize Safehouses?

Now that you know which master we’ll be focusing on, it’s time to set up the PoE syndicate chat. Ensuring that these dear teachers are constantly in the right safe houses is an art. This is a worthy deed, and it should stop there. Run Postman Early: When managing a syndicate. You should try to draw as many red lines as possible between masters. Which will give you a better chance of a match. Never destroy all enemies!

PoE 3.8 Syndicate Cheat sheet and Tips Fast

The key to improving the rewards is to focus on only two hideouts. In this variant and almost all cases, we prefer investigation and intervention. You will never enter the other two hideouts. They will reach 100% (which we would like to avoid because it will not display these two cards. Limiting the number we have to the number of their owners) I will add. we can do what is important to us. You only run Passport and Intervention. And each will only have two Assembly members. Your setup will put the four teachers you want (two for each survey and intervention) in the correct location. And then make sure everyone else stays at home. Make sure no one leaves your house!

What it does is that when you manage a hideout. It removes all the members of the hideout and then replaces them with other people that are currently assigned to the house. You don’t even have a homeless woman, she just escaped from the safe house, and she was returned to him. So you can mix and match the same two people over and over again in different select places. The only thing that changes you twice is that your head of house changes when you run the house. So if you’re used to something special, you’re ready to handle it a little more.


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