Life360 Locator App : You Can Track Find Friends & Family

There are plenty of apps in the market that will help one to track the location of your phone and if you have lost it unfortunately or put it somewhere you don’t remember, then this app named Life360 can make your life easier and as per the name say, it can turn your life on 360 angles: upside down. One can share his/her location with family, friends, business meetings or just you are a good stacker. Life 360 app can also be used for several emergency situations.

Life360 Locator App : You Can Track Find Friends & Family

Life360 Locator App

When was Life 360 app launched?

The application was being launched in 2008, which is social and family networking website. It provides you the best location services without any bugs and disturbing ads. Since its launch, they have been adding new and easily understandable features to the app.  The app has currently over 50million downloads and with 4.5 ratings.

How Life 360 works?

Initially you just have to download the app on your whether it is an Android set or IOS, it will all be the same. Then create an account and the app will find your location. Then the app will ask you whether you want to share and see someone else’s location. It will provide you the “Code”. When the code is inserted into other secondary devices, then you all be will be pop up in form of icon on the same map. You can find out their location in the last 2 days history. You can also pin the location the person you want to track visited and once that person again goes to that place, you will get a notification in the form of ring or bell.

Stop Life 360 app tracking without getting caught?

The common and easy way of not getting tracked is by turning of the GPS location on which the whole app is working. But that might send an alert to the other group members and make you caught red-handed. That what is the deal of not allowed the application to track you?

Tricks and Hacks?

  1. Force stops your working app in background

Initially you have to do is that turn off you Wi-Fi and also your cellular data from your mobile phone. Then, turn off the background app working otherwise it will ruin your work. Likewise, turn on the low power mode which will make sure that Life 360 is not working in the background. Then lastly, close the app forcefully which will not update your location on the map of the app.

  1. Turn of the permission granted in settings

When you installed the app, you initially allowed the app to always use the location while using this app. This will automatically turn on you location when you are using the app and even when the app is running in the background. Then, simply go to your settings and turn of the location access of the app which will cause the app to show your most recent location on which you were present.

  1. Use iAnyGo app

This app provides its customers the fake and false location which you want to show to your group members on the app. This app allows you to even create false routes where you have been. This app is effective both for the android and iOS users.

  1. Make a location spoof on iPhone

The location spoof is a bit complicated for the iPhone users but for some it is just even it is like pressing a button. You can select the location of your own where you want other members to see you at that particular time. The iPhone navigation system and tracking policy is rather a tough nut to crack as compared to the android. So, there are possibly two ways on the iPhones.

  • By using the hardware system (Gfaker app)

It is the hardware system which can make you spoof your location on iOS devices. Just download the app on your computer or iPad or mac devices and follow steps.

  1. a) After installing, launch the app on your device.
  2. b) You will find an option in purple color in front of you which is to “Enter” your location which you want to change.
  3. c) Now connect your mobile phone with computer by using any cable.
  4. d) The system will ask you to pinpoint your location on any particular location on the map.
  5. e) Lastly, click on the “Modify button” and boom, your location will be spoofed.
  • By using the iTools app

There is a built-in feature in the iPhones which will provide you various tools which a normal person doesn’t use in daily life. Likewise, it the paid app on the iphone which costs you about $30 to get a premium membership. Just follow these steps.

  1. a) Connect your mac device with your phone.
  2. b) Now open the iTools where you will find the Toolbox option in bar.
  3. c) In toolbox, there is option virtual location, just click on it and enter your spoof location.
  4. d) You can also disable the spoof location from the Toolbox.
  • Make a location spoof on Android

There is a convenient way by downloading the app on play store called Fake GPS Location. Moreover, there are other apps too on the play store which can do this, but one of the reliable one is this. After installing this app, you only need to do is just to enable the developer access on your phone which will trick your Life 360 Locator app, but also the security premises of your phone will also be masked. So,

  • Go to your settings and search for the bar named “About phone”.
  • Then open the software information bar in it.
  • After this, quickly tap several times on the build number which will instantly show you that developer mode has turned on.
  • Quickly go back to settings, tap on the developer option there and turn the mode on.
  • After this, the system will show you to select the app though which you want to mockup your GPS location and that’s it.

By following all these above steps, you can manipulate the location. There is another method which is the convenient one, getting another new phone will allow you to move wherever you want without getting tracked termed as the “Burner phone”. The other faker apps on the android phones are GPS Joystick, Fake GPS Free, iMyFone etc.

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