Who is Katiana Kay? Wiki, Net Worth, Age & Biography

Katiana Kay born on 23 February in 2002, is a social media influencer, a professional model, TikTok Personality, Digital Content Creator, Fashion Blogger, and Instagram Influencer. She was born in Phoenix in Arizona, US. But, currently, she is a resident of Miami, Florida. She used to live with her parents, but later she got shifted to Miami for her work. She is also a social worker and great Pisces. Furthermore, she is emotional but stable, sensitive but devoted too, and also gracious.

Who is Katiana Kay? Boyfriend, Real Name, Net Worth, Age & Biography:

Who is Katiana Kay Boyfriend

Katiana Kay’s Real Name:

The Mexican beauty has real name Katiana Kay, and she is also known with her nickname Katy and also called abbreviated name, K.K.

Katiana Kay’s Age:

She is just 19 years old and has got really great fan base which anyone would like to have in such early years, but one has to work hard too. There are no rules for her to get pun intended, and she follows nothing to hide rule too. She has publicized everything what was need of time.

Katiana Kay’s Net worth:

She has net worth of around $3 million which is whopping to big amount. She has earned all the money through various works like endorsements, modeling etc. But, her main source of income had been her smoke brand which she earns a great chunk of money from. Also, she earns from the publicity of different brands in her Instagram account and charges a handsome amount for it adding to her net worth. As her company sales are increasing, its market values are also increasing.

  • Katiana Kay’s business:

Besides her social media, she is successfully running her e-commerce business and also holds a share in the “Bay Smokes” which is a narcotic brand. Their brand includes the delta-8 THC, which is safer and mild also than Delta-9. Also, it is legalized chemicals officially allowed by the government to be used in the smoke kit. Katiana has also posed used her brand. This product came into market in December 2020 and the duo started selling it online to generate revenue. By far, their sales have been great.

  • Katiana Kay’s endorsements:

Katiana loves wrap walks and stuff. She has been endorsing some local brand on her reels and videos on her social media. She loves to collaborate with various brands and looking forward to getting a great opportunity to enter the official modeling industry. Furthermore, she has also made a guest appearance on the show, The Simonetta Lein but has not appeared in any movie.

She owns a luxurious and latest model car which is BMW 7 from the latest series. She loves to drive on her around the corner in the town. She has been spotted with her boyfriend on different coffee spots like Starbucks in her car.

Katiana Kay’s body weight and height:

She has an average height of 5 feet and 2 inches. Her weight is also well maintained up to 130 lbs. Taking about her measurements, she has 34-24-36 size which is the perfect body for any ideal to motivate other people. She is great fitness and gym freak too doing Pilates and doing dieting stuff which she also shares on Instagram Reels.

Who is Katiana Kay Wiki, Net Worth, Age & Biography

Katiana Kay’s nature:

KK is bubbly and fun to talk to. She has a good sense of humor and is also great wit. Katiana loves animals and she is their great supporter. Moreover, she is also a charity person and loves to share wealth to needy and poor people seeking for help to get food. She has charming and beautiful smile to attack any person too.

Katiana Kay’s Education/Qualification:

She got her early education in Arizona, but after she shifted to Miami, she completed her graduation from college in 2020 in Commerce, and she is implementing it in her business too.

Katiana Kay followers on different social media accounts:

The social media star has huge fan following on various social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram, she has all been there. She has created various accounts to get connected to her fans in different ways. Talking about her Instagram account, she has currently over half a million followers which are 774K followers to be precise.

She has account named @Katiana, with a white heart before her name which might goes to show that is just pure hearted. Likewise on Twitter, she has created her account as @katianakayy, with over 165.5K followers, and they are increasing day by day which shows her popularity among the people on social media.

If we talk about the today’s lit and hot selling app, where people keep posting funny, informative and other genera videos, challenges and trending songs lip-syncing etc. How it was possible the social media sensation was not on that platform too. She has account named @katiana.kay on TikTok with more than 4.5 million followers and whopping more than 75 million likes on her videos.

Similarly, if we talk about her Facebook account, she doesn’t seem to be a great fan. She is not very active on her account where she rarely posts her videos, but one can easily reach her through her Instagram account where she is very active. Also, she has less than 50 posts on Instagram but near a million followers.

Katiana Kay style and looks:

Today, if you are a social media star or famous personality, then you might also an change your looks and style periodically. If you don’t, then you will see straight fall in your fan following or unfollowing patterns. K.K has blonde hair and brown eyes. When you are a fan then you know everything you follow.

Her shoe size is even known by her fans which is US size 8. Katiana is great follower of Angelina Jolie and her follows her style too. She has pale and freckly face which quite attracts her fans. She is huge of blue denim and short revealing and bold outfits. Most of her pictures are bikini posts and with her favorite smoky eyes look in most pictures.

Who is Katiana Kay Net Worth, Age & Biography

Katiana Kay’s family and friends:

There is no social media star or influencer who has proved to be great hider of their personal life and their family information. Every gesture is observed and noted by the media and paparazzi and nothing stays pun intended. But, K.K has succeeded putting her family far away from the media, and they also seem shy of the cameras.

They have not been spotted anywhere since their daughter has come to spotlight. By some entertainment websites, her parents are name Mr. and Mrs. Kay which is too obvious, and they are business people. Also about her siblings, none of the magazines and entertainment websites have information about them too and their names.

That reflects she is too secretive in her relations or either she doesn’t want her family to get public but probably soon because she loves to stay connected with her fans too often. She has the number of good friends which she gets spotted downtown hanging out and chilling but not often.

Katiana Kay personal life:

She is not married but also not single. She has been in a serious relationship for quite some time with a Miami-based businesses man and young entrepreneur named, William Goodall. The duo has been seen in various TikTok and Instagram Reels together endorsing their brand and bringing up their market values. One of the weird things about their relationship that is getting normalizing today quite often is bisexuality. Yes, you are right. She is bilingual, and her boyfriend has not had any problem with this. Even both have been part of some leaked videos and conspiracies, both denied that it was a morphed video, and they are not them.

What kind of videos do Katiana Kay uploads?

She keeps on uploading videos on various social media platforms and if one sees likes from some times, it can be seen that her fans are so damn loyal and liking with views are increasing day by day. Like on TikTok and Instagram Reels, she uploads and makes videos of outfit change, makeup transformation and lip-syncing on her favorite songs which are quite entertaining. She gets hundreds of thousands of views on each video which also makes her pictures to top up by Instagram algorithm on the feeds.

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