How to Use Widgetsmith App on Your iPhone IOS (Complete Guide)

It is the latest and one of the craziest apps that allows you to do tons of customizations on iOS 14.  One can download the Widgetsmith app from the app store and once you open it up, you will pretty much come to the page that will have all types of different widget options. It lets you add many customizable widgets on your iPhone or iPad and by this app you can customize your home screen.

When you open the app, you have just three simple sections; widgets, tools, and settings. If you are tired of your boring screen with the most typical default apps icons and coloring scheme, then Widgetsmith is best for you. It allows you to put some funky colors and styles of your choice on the home screen which is like putting some canvas to a white boring screen. This article will helpful for you How to Use Widgetsmith App on Your iPhone IOS?

On some phones, there is a feature of widget change which is automatically created and applied on all your applications whenever you changed the theme of your device. It has some built-in widget styles but does not allow personalized and created widgets.

How to Use Widgetsmith App on Your iPhone IOS (Complete Guide)


Tools section in the Widgetsmith app?

One can decorate your widgets by clicking on the tool section in the app where most of them are for free. But, some do require a paid subscription like the weather, and you will see the pricing there. The tools section in the Widgetsmith will allow creating of an empty grid where you can move your custom widgets on the home screen.

What services does Widgetsmith provide?

  • Like on iOS, Widgetsmith also allows you to change the widget into a small, medium, and large-sized widget. The smallest ones are the square ones, and you can easily add six of those on-screen while the medium and large ones are rectangular.
  • After choosing the size of the widget, then you can change the time, location, etc. If you tap on the Widgetsmith, then you will have so many options including the style color of the activity bar, and many more things. Moreover, there are some paid ones too with the lock sign on them. If you want some customized ones, then you can check out one of them.
  • After selecting the size and the style, you can choose the font too. The last one is the tint color which only Widgetsmith provides you the option.
  • You can also customize the photos’ app, the photo’s date, battery icon, text icon, and a bunch more things.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, you can connect it to the health and activity bar on the Widgetsmith
  • You can choose between the weirdest ones to the coolest ones depending on your choice. But, a lot of people further customize it to the next level.
  • One can also change the border color too of the widget if you want to match the inside time and date color coordination, t can easily do it. After doing all the customization, you can save it in the Widgetsmith. When you customize any widget you want and just save it.

How to change widgets throughout the day?

If you have customized any widget like the clock or anything like this, just click on the timed widget down below. If you really want your widgets to change all day, then press the plus sign right in the middle of the customized app like we take the clock app. You can schedule the widget time from start to end time and then the new icon will appear.

How to launch the customized widget from Widgetsmith?

Go on to the activity page which is the widget panel. Click on the Edit button and tap on the plus button which is all the way on the top left corner. Then scroll it down to the bottom until you find the Widgetsmith app which would be on the bottom to be precise. Tap on it, and you will have to choose between the sizes you were offered on the Widgetsmith. For say, we had customized the medium one and then select it. It will appear on the screen, and you can just drag it wherever you want on the home screen or pages.

There are also variable choices like medium one, medium two, and all. If our customized one didn’t appear, then you can change it. Just press hold that widget, and it will allow you to edit, and you will be shown which size you selected and edited. By tapping on it, you will be shown all the medium-sized options, and you can select the number of mediums that you had customized. You can also modify that further later on if you want to be doing the same thing. It is pretty much the whole process and you just kind of rinse it and repeat it.

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Widgetsmith alternatives for the iPhone:

If you are an iPhone user, you should be familiar with the apps where you can add and create your personalized widgets and make them look cool. Some features and styles of Widgetsmith are cool like the Korean one is so sick but again everything depends on your taste and choice. If you have to customize on your own, then you can create anything. Likewise, we have some other alternative apps for the Widgetsmith like:

  • Color Widgets
  • Photo Widget: Simple
  • Widgeridoo
  • Widget Wizard
  • Glimpse 2
  • Smart Battery Widget
  • iOS Skins

And many more. They all include these features but collectively. The Widgetsmith provides you the facilities on the same place where you don’t have to download some separate launcher or widget changer for the battery icon, clock, photos, etc.

Does Widgetsmith run on Android too?

On Android, the original Widgetsmith doesn’t even appear in one Play store for download but they all are fake which are using just a name they all are full of paid promotions and ads, while some don’t even run properly on the phone. They even heat up the phone and the battery is drained faster. Moreover, your phone will start getting struck or hanged due to this launcher which is using the alternative launcher to Widgetsmith.

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