How to Unmute Someone’s Story Post on Instagram (Solved) 2023

People of various kinds live around us who have different minds, different tastes, and different choices. When you visit someone’s social media account, you will get to know much about that person. You will sometimes be surprised to know when you will see that person’s social media feed and taste. Social media is like an open book where you can let people know you by merely watching your posts. The article How to Unmute Someone’s Story Post on Instagram? will be helpful for you.

Positively, you can also make someone change his mind and get his ideas and views about something changed and become a better person sometimes. That’s how impactful is social media which can change people because we can change a person but not his mind easily. One can make different choices so others can follow and have such convincing abilities. One should use such platforms for such purposes and not harm someone. Hence, it is more like a mixed bag.

How to Unmute Someone’s Story Post on Instagram (Solved) 2023


What are Instagram stories?

The Instagram stories are much fun and its hilarious reels are awesome. These stories are the updates that you share with your known people. When you follow someone on Instagram whether he has followed back as a friend and sent you a request or if you have started following any particular page, the algorithm will show you their updates. Whenever that followed friend or social media personality page will upload something you will get the update on your feed.

The feed is what you are following on any social media account. The Instagram stories are more like how you are feeling at the moment and what your activities have been that day. In 24 hours, it will disappear. Today, those are more like publicity and promotions of different brands and ads. There also could be some challenging videos with particular songs running behind. These reels are also fun and when this air of reels and challenges blows, it takes away all types of social media platforms whether it is Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Why do we mute someone on Instagram?

Most of the time, when someone mutes you on any social media, it demonstrates that you have made them feel bad by posting something offensive or posted opposite to their views. Sometimes, we also unfollow or mute someone, when we don’t want to take interest in anyone’s life anymore and any updates. The mute button is more like a block button. The accounts are also muted when they start posting nasty things and offensive material that one doesn’t like. Hence, people mute someone’s posts.

If you don’t want to stay in touch with some person on that platform or don’t want him/her to see what are you doing on that social media or following pages or people. When you allow someone to follow you and follow you back, then it means you both are sharing your private persons and pages which you follow. If you don’t trust that person anymore or don’t like to ask about whom you are following then you can do this. Similarly, if you don’t anyone to see your posts and stories, then you can block that person. Privacy is something one person doesn’t want to compromise at any cost because it can harm you and it can also make you blackmailed by that person. If someone got your weakness in form of privacy, then it can harm you.

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How to mute someone on Instagram?

  • When you decide to mute someone on Instagram, you just have to press and hold his uploaded story or post on your Instagram account.
  • By doing this, you will get a pop-up sign of two different options, either you want to mute his story on Instagram or posts or both.
  • By choosing one of these, that person will be muted on your account and his/her stories and posts will no longer be part of your feed.
  • Moreover, as it is more like a block option, that account will also not appear on the search engineer too.


How to unmute someone’s story on Instagram?

When you mute someone, the contact, and the following name will disappear from the list where you were being followed and were following the person. The name will be included in the privacy folder. If you want to unmute that person, then follow these steps.

  • First of all, open your profile on Instagram.
  • You will see on the right top corner the lines or dots in that area.
  • Then click on this and you will get a few options including the settings option.
  • Click on the settings, you will again get some opens including the privacy option which would be on the third position to be precise.
  • Open privacy, then scroll down at the end. You will find options like blocked accounts, restricted accounts, etc. One of those will be muted accounts.
  • Find the name of that person you want to unmute and you are done.

What else can you do in privacy?

The privacy bar includes the blocked accounts too. If you have blocked someone on Instagram after a harsh chat or fight, then you can also unblock them. When blocked or muted, those people will not be shown by the system in search options and also in the comments section or likes list of any post on any common person you and that person were following. The app will completely hide that person from your account as far as you unblock or unfollow them. If you both were following each other, then that person will also get removed automatically from the follower list too.

How to unmute someone’s post on Instagram?

Similarly, when you unmute someone’s story on Instagram. By following the above steps, you can also unmute someone’s posts. The person will be removed from the blocked or mute list.

What will happen after that?

After following these steps, you will again start getting the reels, posts, and stories posted by that person in your feed. You will again start getting updates on the app and pictures of that person posted on daily basis.

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