How to Unlink Spotify from PS4 With Fast & Easy Method 2023

Spotify is one of the best apps . The app is globally recognized where you can also listen to thousands of tracks with just one click. The app also provides you premium services as there are some songs that are just available on the premium addition. You can search for your favorite singers and tracks which gives you instant results. The original soundtrack as well as all the remixes will be shown to you in the search engine. In this article, I will complete a guide on How to Unlink Spotify from PS4?

Moreover, the most attractive thing about this is that it is totally ad-free when you go on to premium membership while on the regular subscription can get a few ads which can be really annoying sometimes. You can connect your Spotify account with your computer, speakers, and wherever you want to use it except the phone.

The article is going to teach you the method to discuss how to unlink your Spotify account from your play station of any version. This method is easily applicable including PS4, PS5, etc. Moreover, you can also unlink/ log out from various other devices too.

How to Unlink Spotify from PS4 With Fast & Easy Method 2023

How to Unlink Spotify from PS4

How to Unlink Spotify without opening the application:-

You will get to know how to unlink your account without even going to your Spotify application itself, so it’s that easy. You can unlink according to your convenience. Just follow the following steps to unlink your account from PlayStation:

  • First, just go to your settings on the PS station and you will get a bunch of different options.
  • Then open the fourth option to be precise which is “User and accounts”.
  • When you open this option, you will get to see all the applications where your device is connected.
  • When you click on the app which you want to unlink like you want to unlink Spotify.

If you are already connected, then it will show you the option to unlink an account from it, and by simply clicking on it, you will be disconnected. If not, then it will show you options earlier which you want to connect, and it gives you link option. By filling your all the information asked, you can link any application from PlayStation.

How to unlink Spotify through the application?

Your account will be erased through all the connected devices by doing unlinking method. You can unlink Spotify from everywhere if is it connected means on multiple devices. Just follow these basic footsteps-

  • Open your Spotify application or the site from your computer or any gadget.
  • Log in to your already created account and open your account.
  • When you go to your account profile, then you will see different options. One of them would be “Sign out from everywhere”.
  • By tapping on this account, you will be logged out from all the devices where you logged in. It includes your web browser, mobile, laptop, etc.

If this method doesn’t work, then open a Spotify account anywhere you want. After getting started, log in to your account by filling in all the asked information. Then go to your account, and you can sign out/log out from there easily.

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Unlink Spotify from PS4 With Fast Method

What more to do after unlinking:

When you unlink your Spotify account from PlayStation through your account. Then after this, steer to the “Settings” again and open the “Account management” to completely close the Spotify session from your device even after unlinking. Then tap on the “Link with other services” and then go to the Spotify app itself. Here you click on the Log-out to completely unlink it from your device.

You can do the same for unlinking any other app by following the above steps. The unlinking means completely cutting sharing playlists and that application will not collect your information from that app from other devices.

Why Unlink Spotify account?

If your Spotify account has been under the use of anyone else or any device, then you can unlink it if it is not worth it anymore. By doing this, your profile will be erased from the account, and it will ask to re-enter the account login details again. By doing this, your acct will not be used by anyone else and that person will not be able to see what songs you listen means your playlist will be protected.

If someone else is using your account, then the songs will be shown to you already listened which is sometimes annoying. If you had put it on a wish list to listen to it later and that person listens to it then you might miss something good. You will also get a message if someone log-in your account on his/her device. Then you can also unlink it by clicking and selecting what device you are using.

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