How to Turn The Talkback ON

On the phone, it is limited because you just have to swipe in side and do different gestures. Your phone assistant will be turned on even if you would want to restart your phone or anything, it’s going to solve that issue for you. One might wonder that the voice assistant will be turned off automatically if he restarts or power off the phone like the other apps but is not going to happen. You have to navigate on your phone through two fingers and not just with just one finger to scroll up, scroll down, and else. Also to open anything while the Talkback is working, you will have to double tap on each thing you want to do.

How to turn the Talkback ON

Nowadays, there are several kinds of assistive technologies which have the common goal of accessibility. These tools are used by people to get access to the content available on the web. They might include the keyboard, mouse or voice access, etc. One of which we have is the screen reader, which comes on Android with that name but can be turned on a similar facility on the iPhone too which is named as Voice over there and Talkback as on Android. It is the gesture-based UI, so for most desktop screen readers, there are several keyboard shortcuts that can be hit and move around special things.

How to turn on the Talkback shortcut on Samsung phones:

To turn on the annoying voice assistant on any device just follows these steps.

  • The first thing one needs to do is to go to the “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to the bottom where you find “Accessibility”.
  • Out of the many options present there, you first have to turn on the “Accessibility shortcut” and make sure that shortcut service is to Talkback.
  • Go to the “Talkback” option which and turn it “ON” and press on the “OK”.

If you want it to stop talking and turn it off, then you have to just tap on the screen once, it will be turned off.

How to turn off the Talkback shortcut:

If you want to turn off this feature, then you can easily do this and it’s really not that tricky. You already know that you have to use two fingers to navigate, but to open any app just tap multiple times on it without using single or double fingers on it. Now, follow these steps to turn it off:

  • Again, as you turned it ON, you have to go to your settings first and find the “Accessibility”.
  • By using two fingers scroll down to the bottom and open the Accessibility.
  • There would be multiple options there, and you have to go to the first one, which is the screen reader.
  • Just turn the toggle off in the above section, by double-tapping on it.
  • By doing so, it will ask you to tap on the “OK”, if you want to stop the voice assistant.

Now, you are free to go, and you are back to again using the single finger tap and navigation which you usually do. It is not a the very crucial thing to do, but sometimes it can be when you turn on the voice assistant by mistake or for any reason. It is tough when your phone is in your pocket, then it might get pressed and the assistant will ask you want to do which can be very embarrassing sometimes when you are in public places. So, this must be done and can be done by anyone on the phone.

How to turn the Talkback ON and OFF on Vivo mobiles:

To turn it on you have to go to the settings and then find the option named “More options” and scroll down to the Accessibility which is at the last. Then open the Talkback tab where it will allow you to turn ON the assistant for automatic gesture access. It allows you voice access to all your functions on mobile and makes your eyes free which is the best thing for blind people. Similarly, if you want to turn it OFF, you have to do the same thing and turn OFF the allowed option. It will ask you the same thing as it is on all the Android devices to “OK” and by selecting this, it will be turned OFF.

How to turn the Talkback ON and OFF on Huawei mobiles:

The same thing goes both for turning it ON and disabling it. Go to your settings, and you will find the “System” option at the last of all options. If it is already turned ON then double-tap on this option, and it will take you to the main thing. On top of all, there will be the Talkback option. Just go to it and hit the turn OFF by tapping or pressing swipe on that button. Again, it will ask you to confirm your action, and it will be turned OFF from your device.

Is Talkback available on the iPhone?

Yes, it is available with the name Voiceover on the iPhone. If you want to turn it ON and OFF on the iPhone, just go to your settings and find the “Accessibility” which you will find almost in the last options. Tap on it, and it will show you a bunch of different options, and on top of it is the “Voice over”. Just select the toggle switch ON or OFF what else you want to do, and it will be done all just from here.



The Talkback shortcut is a helpful app if you are not able to somehow touch your phone or your hands are not free then you can easily access to functions of your phone easily merely with just a voice command. It is an easy option for blind people who own Smartphones. The assistant will ask you, what to do, and it will do it for you sounds cool no! There are other assistants in mobiles too which are pretty much the same he Siri, Google Assistant, or others. They also work on the voice command of the owner which is a pretty good technology revolution.

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