How to Set up Among Us Proximity Chat (Complete Guide)

Proximity chat is a virtual chat that is done through the app which we can install on our iOS or Android phones easily. This application provides you easy access to chat through video calls, and it overlays the conference video calls on any application you are using. This article will be helpful for you about How to Set up Among Us Proximity Chat?

This is also beholding to the pandemic which has connected people, and it has freed people from the ado of Zoom app. Also, the educational system was getting help through the Zoom app where teachers could help to show students slides and material while everyone was on the video conference call. This includes the small group calls where people use it to play games together in a group and also for other educational or business purposes.

How to Set up Among Us Proximity Chat (Complete Guide)

How to Set up Among Us Proximity Chat

What is Among us game?

There is a character called the Imposter, which is the killer. There are ten people with one Imposter in them who kill everybody to complete the task. Everybody is given various tasks which they have to complete. If the dead body is found then the meeting can be called on the table in-game and the characters can discuss it through proximity chat or voice notes or video calls.

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How to Set up Proximity Chat:

There are various tools available on the internet which provide you best services of proximity chat. The proximity chat can easily be set up and updated. So when you get closer to the enemy in any game, you can hear it. Also, when you get away from them the voices get even quiet. Download the latest app version to get the latest features.

Follow These Steps

  • Go to Google and type CrewLink in the search engine.
  • You will get a GitHub file on the top portion by a dude called ottomaged.
  • Go to the releases on the side menu and the latest version will be there, so you can download it.

(Note: You may have some issues on the windows that you might not be able to verify easily because it is not by some large corporation and company to manage it.)

  • When the file is downloaded then you have to double-click on it to proceed to install it. You might have to tell windows to confirm and install it.

How Proximity Chat Works?

After it is installed, the overlay will appear on the desktop where you can open the game. It has links to the developer down there where you can visit his Twitter, Twitch account, etc. When you click on the open the game then you will be started and then press on the Online option. You will have codes of the players down below and simply by just entering the code, you can add those players to your chat. When you start talking, your avatar will turn green which is a sign you are online and speaking.

When you go to the settings in the lobby, there are a few things there. The above one is microphone input and the other one below are the speakers. When you play on the public mod there could be a lot of issues and a lot of public there too. Hence, it is preferable that one should play a private mod otherwise you might probably not be connected to the server because there are a lot of people there. You can set up the private server group for Among Us on the Discord app. Open your Discord app and follow the instructions:

  • Go to the Discover section and type Among us.
  • Search for it and you will get various links where the first one is the official one.
  • Don’t bother with the first one because there would be a huge community. Choose one from the others which could be a second or third one much better option. They have their private CrewLink Server.
  • Go to the announcements page and there will be a new IP address make sure you have the most updated CrewLink server or search for it in the bar.
  • Copy that IP address and come over to CrewLink and paste it there.
  • On the Discord app, there is a matchmaking section, where you will find the proximity chat option. This is where everybody sends links to play.

If you want to make your lobby, then there are tons of proximity chat/voice channels in the Discord app. When you find an empty one, just hop into it and then use their bot to share links.

Among Us Proximity Chat (Complete Guide)

How to make a Private Server Setup?

Open the Crew Link page and Find the “Deploy to Heroku”. This is a website that hosts you, and you can create your server. So if you need to set up that account, just provide the asked information. After signing up you will have to go to the settings where you will find the link, and you can put it in the Crew Link.

Problems in proximity chat:

The kid’s game area which is named Roblox back in 2021 presented a proximity chat on the app to connect people. This feature was accessible for users above 13 years of age and also verified users. Lately, as the feature was introduced where you can send pictures, voice notes and video calls too but later on many users complained and reported issues like the verification system was neglecting the younger children and also the feature was highly reported most probably by the parents when they might have seen the unsuitable, unethical and PG-rated content on it.

Also, when you install the Proximity chat application, you will start getting some annoying and adult ads that might not be advertised so publicly that people feel shame or get offensive or any other type of embarrassment.

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