How to set Multiple Wallpapers on all iPhone IOS Devices 2023

Wallpaper choice on your mobile phones shows your liking, your personality whether you are an introvert or extrovert, your state of mind, and also your nature. This is how helpful your wallpaper choice could be. Not only on phones but also on other devices in our use like home décor, laptops, computers, etc. Everyone gets too picky while choosing a wallpaper. There is a bunch of built-in wallpapers in different versions of iPhones, and it is getting better and increasing too with the updating versions. But if you don’t like the default wallpapers, then you can customize your home screen by downloading your favorite wallpapers and setting them on the screen. In this article, i will tell you and complete guide on How to set Multiple Wallpapers on all iPhones?

How to set Multiple Wallpapers on all iPhone IOS Devices 2023


Continuously changing live wallpaper on iPhone:

One can set the wallpaper to continuously change on iPhone given the time of the day which may be at a place that you are at like your home, or workplace and this is a cool thing to do. Whenever you switch airplane mode on the iPhone, the background wallpaper automatically changes. If you want more wallpapers then you can also download the app through the app store which is “Shortcuts”. It is an official Apple app without any worries of ads that bother you and websites send notifications. It is more like a launcher but not. You don’t have to bother yourself each time you want to change wallpapers. Just set it once, and it changes each day on its own.

Change your wallpaper on Android phones:

  • First, you need to do is go to your settings.
  • Scroll down and search for the wallpapers app.
  • Click on the wallpapers app, and you will get multiple options to select the wallpapers there. Those may be vibrant, dynamic, live, or simple wallpapers.
  • When you click on the wallpaper you want to set, it will ask you permission to set it for both the wallpaper and lock screen.
  • By following these steps you can change your wallpaper simply.


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How to change wallpapers automatically on the iOS 14 version?

Just follow these steps:

  • If you do have not any wallpapers collection, then open the browser “Safari” which is built-in on your iPhone.
  • Then type iPhone wallpapers on the Google app and select the best ones which you like.
  • Like other phones when you tap-hold anything then a pop-up option will appear which will allow you to download the image through Google.
  • Likewise, on iPhone operating system, you will get three options, one of which is “Add to photo” to be more precise. By clicking on it, that image or wallpaper will be downloaded.
  • Now, open photos on your phone tap the “Plus” sign above and create a new album. You can also rename it on your own.
  • Now, tap on all the wallpapers you downloaded and move them to the newly created album.
  • Now let us create the shortcut. You just open the shortcuts app you downloaded tap on the “Plus” sign on the top right corner and click on the “Add action” and a search bar will appear.
  • Search for the photos app and find the newly created album in it which is customized.
  • After clicking on it, one more setting is to set the sort by from none to any option like we want random wallpaper changing.
  • Last, toggle on the limit and change it to just one time, and click on the add which will add your shortcut in the list, and again bar will appear.
  • Search for “Set wallpaper” and chose it both for the lock screen and home screen if you want.
  • You can also check how it is going to work by clicking on the play button down below and after watching it make sure you clear it from the “show more” option otherwise it will ask to cancel it repeatedly.
  • After clicking on the preview, you can click on the perspective zoom by clicking on or off automatically. This feature is only available on the iOS 14.4 Beta and not in other versions.
  • You are just one more step away, click on the next button search for the customized name you renamed to your wallpaper’s album, and tap “Done”.
  • Additionally, you can also change the color and glyph, and you are already done without it too.


How to change wallpapers with focus mode on the iOS 15?

It is pretty much the same here as we did in the iOS 14 version. But here is something different which is the focus mode. By doing this, you have to go to the top bar and tap on the focus. Whatever focus you will select will change the wallpaper. Similarly, you can also go for automation. Here, you will not have to go again and again to the top bar to change the focus mode. It will automatically change the wallpapers. can also choose different actions for your different focus modes including the Gym mode, Travelling mode, Personal mode, Do not disturb mode, and Work mode. You can add different wallpaper albums here in each focus mode, and it is also free from any ads.

How to create shortcut automation of wallpapers?

For this just go to the shortcut app and click on the automation tab. You will get two options; the first is “Create personal automation” and the other is “Create home automation”. By clicking on personal automation you will find so many options. Let’s just set the time of the day, and you can select anyone whether you want to change it a daily or specific time or a specific date.

Then after selecting it, press next and tap on the Add action and search for “Run shortcut”. Then tap on the shortcut and again search for the customized wallpaper folder/album name. After clicking on it, press again next and toggle OFF the ask before running otherwise, it will always disturb you on your home screen each time it wants to change wallpaper, it will ask permission. In the end, press Done! And you are finished. At the time you selected, the wallpaper will change each day that time automatically without going anywhere.

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