How to See Someone Private Instagram Account Profile (4 Steps)

How to see someone’s private Instagram is a platform where one can upload photos, follow their favorite personalities, and get interesting stuff from various accounts created to spread knowledge and awareness. Also, it is good from an economic point of view that when you get recognized and hundreds of thousands of people follow your profile. Then, you get a recognition mark, a blue tick. Then, you can make your profile monetized account which pays you monthly for posting your pictures and, also gets various endorsements. One can update its followers by posting regular posts and photos. The article How to See Someone Private Instagram? will be helpful for you.

How to See Someone Private Instagram Account Profile (4 Steps)


What is a public Instagram account?

Whenever we make an account, the app asks us to make it public or make it hidden from everyone. Then it all depends on you what you want to choose. The public accounts can be seen by anyone on the application who is a user. You just have to go to a search engine and then type the username of your friend, girlfriend, colleagues, social media personality, or anyone else whose profile you want to visit. By just clicking on the search button you will be shown all the different profiles created on that particular name.

You will be given access to all his profile if it is public otherwise not. Here is a thing. You will also not be able to see the whole profile regardless it is a public account as far as you start following that account. You will have less access to even public accounts and after following it, you will get complete access to that page or account.

What is a private Instagram account?

The private account is somewhat concerned with privacy as the name indicates that all the information and the profile will be hidden. This is somewhat people can do when they want to post pictures but not to show them to everyone. These types of account information are just shown to the people when they accept yours follow request. Whenever you see any private account, you are given the option to follow that account. After clicking on that follow button, the request is sent to that person in his notifications. If he/she accepts it, then you will be able to see that account otherwise not. That account will only be shown to people who follow and not to others. Everyone can easily understand How to See Someone Private Instagram?

Can a public account be made private:

Well yes, you can make your public account private when you don’t want to share it with people anymore. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Click on the profile button at the bottom.
  • Then go to the “Privacy” option.
  • Here you can easily toggle to the privacy option.

By doing this, your profile will not be shared anymore with the new users or people who join Instagram and search for your name regardless of their unfamiliarity with you.

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Why do people make accounts private?

When there are some people which have privacy issues it is an unfair and wrong thing to use someone else’s pictures to use them for the wrong purposes or make a fake profile. That affects mostly the social media personalities when people start following the wrong person. Sometimes, some people are very shy about public exposure, but they really want to use the fascinating features on Instagram. Also, some, don’t want to be judged and want to stay in their private space. This kind of people prefer private accounts and will just be followed by the people they know and whom they allow to see their Instagram profile.


How to see a private Instagram account?

When you want to see someone who has a private account then you can easily see it. Some apps claim that they allow you to access this but not completely. The private account’s followers will not be even shown with the new followers. Here is the thing, when people make their accounts private then Google makes their older posts and pictures stored in the Google Library before it was turned private. Several tools in the market allow you to share glance at someone’s private account. For doing this, the following are tools that can be used.


It is an online tool that can easily be opened. When the site is opened, then you have to insert, the username you want to see the profile and just click on the search option. All the information will be encrypted and at last, you will get access to that account. You will be able to see photos, stories, reels, and posts of that person. You will be getting access to a fairly large collection of public and profile pictures before it was turned private. The pictures posted after that will not be shared. So this is an anonymously great way to see someone’s profile without following them.

View Privy

This is also a great online tool if you are an Android or iPhone user. Just go to settings and then the general option. Toggle ON the app refresh and that’s it from there. After this open the online tool site and search for the username. Then it will start showing you the verification button and the blurred photos of that profile. By clicking on the verify, you will have to download any app. Also, you will have to run the app for 30 seconds. Then go back and refresh and that profile will be unlocked.

Instagram plus plus

This is another great tool that can allow you to see any private account and pictures on Instagram. You will be able to see the photos without even making that person know and show your view. You. Also, have to make some settings earlier which include the app refresh from the general section and also your android version should be above 10 to use this app.

Other alternatives

There are some other alternatives which include the following:

  • Insta Looker
  • InStory
  • Feedsta
  • IG saver
  • Private Photo Viewer
  • Instadp
  • KidsGuard Pro
  • Watch Insta
  • Insta Private
  • Private viewer

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