How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments in Just Simple Steps

If you have never heard of Reddit then this article is for you. Reddit is a social media platform with over 300 million users, and its nickname is the front page of the internet. This application easily runs on iOS and Android mobile phones. Like every application and website, you will also have to create an account here. The big thing is that you can sign in anonymously by putting your nickname or any fake.

You don’t have to provide your correct information here strictly, and you just have to pick your username. Also, you can browse and post anonymously. When you create an account you will get the page to select what is your interest and field of interest. Reddit is made out of many subcategories known as Subreddits. So you have to pick your interest so that the application is more customized according to your liking. After completing all the formalities you will enter the main page. You must read How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments in Just Simple Steps.

The front page is a lot more prominent on the website of Reddit because you have more real estate here. When you click on the Reddit icon down below, you will be able to see all the top stories. It works on the upvotes and downvotes. So on every post, you can give an arrow up or down. Typically, the post with the most arrows shows on top of all.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments in Just Simple Steps

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts

Why Reddit posts are deleted?

Reddit is the major internet board where one can post links and stuff and anyone can comment on it. Sometimes we see that there is a post on Reddit and suddenly after a blink, it is gone. You might go back to show someone that post or that comment, but it was not there. This is because the post or comment was deleted by the Subreddit moderator. The moderator on the Subreddits deletes these because of many reasons, probably. Reddit does a lot of censorship sometimes because the post might not be factual. Also, sometimes it doesn’t have enough concrete sources to back it up. So, these might be some reasons that the post might get deleted. This is a major issue that people delete those comments. So, if you have ever been following a troubleshooting guide and someone deleted the message while you were in the good discussion or the moderator deleted it which you wanted to read, then this could be annoying.

How to delete any Reddit post?

When you go to the comments section, sometimes you don’t even know what are you commenting and in heat of a moment you just post. But you can also delete it on your own before the moderator deletes it, or even it doesn’t catch it. For this,

  • Go to your profile.
  • All the comments will be shown you given up arrow and can delete it easily.
  • Open the comments section on that post where you commented on the sequenced message.
  • When you find your message, then click on it, and you will find three dots in the right corner.
  • By clicking on it, you will, he has been given the option to delete it by himself. Also, you can edit your comment.

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How to read the deleted posts on Reddit?

By doing the following trick and track you can see those deleted posts and comments. The moderator will be able to hide those from you. The quick method for seeing such posts might be that you have to visit the site named, “” which is the site to see those comments, etc. This website provides you with the deleted messages in form of red highlighted areas. If you want to see the latest content then refresh again and again after a few times, then it would provide you with the latest content. When the page opens you will be able to see all the deleted comments and posts there by the moderator and also those posts which are currently available on the Reddit app. Just click on that red highlighted one, and you can see it.

How to read the deleted messages on Reddit?

There are several methods by which you can read the deleted posts, but there is not always a guarantee that they would be recovered and seen even after deleting. But, you should give them a chance if you want to try some tools available online.

  • The first method for this is that you have to go to “”. Here you can see the current feed of Reddit and you can see the whole theme into red and blue only. When you click on one post, you can see that red highlighted ones are the removed by the moderators and management of the application. Similarly, the blue ones are the removed ones which are deleted by the users. The moderator deletes those comments which are not according to the Reddit standards, and they will not be accepted. Hence, those offensive or irrelevant comments will be deleted automatically.
  • The other tool is the “Undelete” which is also created by one of the Reddit users. It works by you changing the URL of any Reddit post, so whenever you are in need to see the deleted comment or post, you can use this tool but this is not guaranteed. Just type the “move” in between the E and the D and Reddit but not sure if that would work.
  • Another available tool is that named, “Resaver” which is a bit different instead of you being able to do upon any Reddit post. This just shows the deleted posts in the recent time or recent hours. This would provide you the details of the comment too when it was uploaded, how much time it was up before it was deleted and when was this removed, and all the relevant things. This is also best for looking at stuff deleted a few minutes back, and you can check it if you are interested in the hidden content on Reddit. There have been several other online payments tools like Onedits, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments in Just Simple Steps

How to delete the posts/comments collectively?

If you don’t want to show or recover the post and comments to be recovered by anyone, then follow these steps:

  • Open your Reddit application on your browser.
  • Now click on your profile in the top right corner.
  • Go to comments section in your profile and load all comments.
  • Now reverse the chronological order.
  • For this open your menu section under each comment or post.
  • Then click on delete and then click in the confirmation prompt.

This would help you delete the post or comment from your profile and the thread you commented on. But this would be really time-consuming, so Nuke Reddit History is the best way to delete all in just few clicks.

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