How to React to Messages on Instagram with Different Reactions (Follow)

In an age of technology today, we are having a boost in smartphone sales all around. Everyone has a smartphone which demonstrates that technology has gained globalization. We have seen kids playing with toys at a younger age even we millennials, we used to play with toys and soft toys. Every kid has had an obsession with toys, what has happened with them when they were crying, they used to get calm down with a toy. In this article i will explain you about How to React to Messages on Instagram ?

But today, the kids which are also called kids of Generation Z after the millennium, never settle down without a gadget in hand. Similarly, this has also been happening with older ones with a bunch of different apps and tools installed on mobile phones whether it is android or iPhone, the apps are loaded in them. One of such social media platform is Instagram which is connecting people around the globe.

How to React to Messages on Instagram with Different Reactions (Follow)


The way of connecting with people was through letters in old times. But, in recent and current times, we don’t have to wait several days to get a message in form of a letter from beloved ones. The messaging app is added to every Android and iOS mobile phone. This facility provides us instant service to connect with people just in seconds when in need or emergency, one can ask and reach people. After its introduction of it in the market, it got really good hype in between 2000-10, later its place was gained by WhatsApp and other DM apps. Everyone can easily on How to React to Messages on Instagram?

Is Instagram connected to Facebook?

Instagram was originally owned by Kevin Systrom, who was also the founder of the app. He founded an app like Facebook, where people can post their pictures and connect with people, their fans, or their known ones. People used to react to photos and share them in link form. But, due to some financial crisis, the company couldn’t get up the board more.

So, they sold out it to Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder of Facebook in 2009. They took the app to heights in a couple of years. They even connected both the apps after getting under Facebook and the same platform, the company added the DMs option also on Instagram in 2014.

How can one text anybody on Instagram?

Instagram connects people by following each other and getting followed back. If it is done, then the app will allow you to message people but if you are following then it is also possible. When you open the app, on the top right corner, you get to see the arrow-like button which is more like the paper plane kids used to make with paper. When you click on it, it will show you the list of people you are following and are friends with. You just search or scroll down to find out whom you want to message.

Then, you can message easily as it is on Facebook messenger. Facebook connected the messaging app on Facebook likewise on Instagram too. It allows one to direct message and privately send messages to someone. While in the beginning days, it was like just messaging through the direct app when the messenger app was not connected and launched. All and all, the messenger app has made life easier. You can also be connected to people you don’t know and people of different ethnicities around the globe.

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How do I like those Instagram messages?

The messaging app is not like facing someone because you can not know how someone reacted after reading your DM. When someone is talking to you, you get all the responses in form of facial gestures and expressions. Also, another person will reply to you at the same time, you will not have to wait for the response. If you are talking to someone, then you read whole his/her body language.

You can easily tell what others are thinking and going to reply. But, you don’t know how someone is feeling at that time an has an emergency or whether he is in the mood of talking or not. This sometimes makes the situation uncomfortable. When on messaging apps, you will not get someone’s reply instant. The other person will reply when he/she is in a mood or not, which is a good thing I guess. It doesn’t have any kind of pressure or uncomfortable situation.

If you want to like messages, then follow these steps:

  • After messaging someone, when the message is received by that person you can see the hint under it. The hint is ‘Delivered’ when your message is sent and ‘Seen’ when the receiver person has seen your DM.
  • If you want to react, just hold the message pressed for a few milliseconds,
  • After pressing it, you will get a popup board that will appear on the message.
  • The reaction popup list includes laughter, anger, crying, thumbs up, a love sign, and a sign of wow which means you felt amazed.


Other than the reaction, when you kept pressing the message, you will also get a few other options down below. It includes the reply, un-send, and option of more which contains forward and copy options. When you want to specifically reply to just one message in the whole conversation, then just press swipe the message on the left side. You will then get a message in the tagged form. This is also a modified way of reacting to messages.

Reacting to messages through stickers

There are dozens of stickers of different categories like related to different situations and times. These stickers help you to react to the messages because they are correct demonstrations of how to are reacting and feel after reading them. As the technology is developing more day by day, the tying board itself suggests the right sticker according to your typed message. Isn’t it cool?


The reaction system is making life cool because without having someone in front of you, you will get to know how someone is feeling after reading that particular message. By following the above-explained method, you can react to the messages on Instagram messenger. I hope this article (How to React to Messages on Instagram ?) is enough for you.

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