How to Permanently delete Albums from iPhone (2023 Update)

How to Permanently delete Albums from iPhone?

You know that the pictures you click on are your moments, and they make you memorable in the future. Sometimes we create albums on our mobile phones and sometimes, they are created on their own.

How to Permanently delete Albums from iPhone (2023 Update)


What albums were created; do you want to delete them:

There are various types of albums created on your iPhone:

Facebook album

This album is automatically created when you create and sign up for your Facebook account. The photos you save from Facebook are saved in a separate album which we can also locate in the file manager of the iOS mobile. They are stored in the DCIM folder where your other folders and also created including your camera phone.

WhatsApp album

The album is created when you install WhatsApp and the photos are automatically saved on your mobile phone as far as you change the settings. If not, the photos will make their app, and videos will make another. The whole data will automatically be saved there and also backup will be made whenever you will recover your data, the photos and videos will again create another album separately which is annoying to much extent.

Camera album

The camera is the basic feature of the iPhone for anyone who would like to buy the iPhone. They have such great camera resolution and splash of colors and which will automatically edit your pictures. After this, you would not need any filter app to edit them. But, when there are pros then cons come complementary with them. The photos stored on mobile are of high resolution with large size.

Snapchat album

The photos clicked on iPhone will be stored in the app’s memory and will not appear in your photos’ library. When you move these photos from Snapchat to your camera roll means the main storage of your mobile. By doing this, a new Snapchat album will be created automatically.

Personalized album

The photos captured on your phone can be personalized and specified in to separate folder/album. When you want to search for any memorable picture or any video, Then, you can easily search for the specific named album or photo which saves time.

You can access any memory and date in a quick search too. They also include folders of your favorite place and person or your loved one’s photos which are easily accessible when you make folders of them particularly. Otherwise, it is such an embarrassing situation when you are showing someone any photo, and he instantly scrolls here and there. There could be photos that you wouldn’t want to show anyone.


The other albums are also created on your own when you specifically arrange them in a folder, but then suddenly when your need has been fulfilled, you delete the data, but the folder is intact. Similarly, there are other albums or folders created when you save something from another app like Vidmate, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

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Why delete photo albums?

The albums discussed above are those which are meaningful from time to time. You will need that stuff quite a bit but when you don’t need that data, it will stay in your phone for the whole time.

  • The photos on iPhone are large which occupies much of your provided built-in space. So they need to be deleted.
  • The photo albums can catch viruses when the mobile is attached to any device affected by the virus.
  • The virus caught will also damage your secured data, and it will also become corrupt.
  • The main other reason is that the cache data is occupied by the photo albums which are heavy as well as older. They need to be cleared with time.
  • If someone hacks your device, then the secret data and older data will be shared with that person too. So, as far as you have completed your work, you should delete the data.

How to / Steps to delete photo albums?

When you got a reason to delete any of those photo albums follow the following steps:

  • Forth most part is the selection of what you want to delete.
  • By clicking on the edit option, all the albums will get the negative red sign on the right corner.
  • When you press the red negative sign, the phone will ask your permission to delete the album.
  • If by mistake you have done it or your mobile mistakenly pressed in your pocket, then you can cancel it and not grant permission.
  • If you really want to delete then press confirm and the album as a whole will be deleted. You will not need to delete files separately in the photos gallery.


Method to delete photo albums on iPhone 11

To delete any photo albums on iPhone 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max, these all devices come up with the iOS 13 updated software and revamp phones app. So, when you simply open the photos you will find all the albums. Just press on the see all option, and it will arrange all the photo albums in order. Then by pressing edit on the phone, a minus sign will appear which will help you delete the album. But, the photos will not be deleted.

Hence, you need to separately delete the album and photos from the gallery. Then scroll down, and you will find the recently deleted photos which stay there for 30 days, and you can also recover them but if you want, delete them from there to permanently delete them and not allow them to still use storage in deleted form.

Method to delete photo albums on iPhone 12 & 13

The same method goes for iPhone 12 & 13 and also their variants which are pro, mini, and ultra. You just have to press edit and then a negative mark will appear there, but photos are still not deleted, then to delete photos, just press select all on the album and press delete. The system will ask for confirmation and you are done. Likewise, you can permanently delete them from the recently deleted photos.

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