How to Check Your Work From Grammarly : Plagiarism, Grammar and Writing Detector

Communication is an important medium for exchanging information. Which can happen by speaking, writing, or by any other means. We humans have been communicating through letters with people who are far or for professional purposes. Communication is becoming dependent on technology in today’s world. Personal and professional communication is directly dependent on tech. For communication between friends and family. We use applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more.

In our professional life, emails have taken place for physical letters. In professional work, while using emails we have to be careful with our grammar. That gives our impression of the other party. Correcting grammar mistakes may take our time. For that purpose, we need a typing assistant who assists us with correct grammar. So that, our professional letter could be with correct grammar. Grammarly is used among a large population for correcting their grammar and other errors. Grammarly could be used while writing letters, Essays, Articles, etc.


Grammarly is a typing assistant which reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, plagiarism, and delivery mistakes. Grammarly uses AI technology to check the error and replace it with an appropriate replacement. The software for Grammarly is produced by Grammarly Inc. Grammarly has been criticized for incorrect ideas, obliviousness of tone and setting, and a decrease in scholars’ opportunity for articulation. Grammarly is used by professionals and also by job seekers to correct their errors. Grammarly can be downloaded on the systems or we can have an extension on the browser.

Spell Check

Grammarly covers an AI-backed spell-check tool. Which detects errors and mistakes. Then it provides the correct spelling to the user.

Grammar And Punctuation

It detects grammar and punctuation errors, everything being equal. It additionally gives ongoing ideas and rules on the most proficient method to address these slip-ups.


Grammarly scans unwieldy sentences, passages, and paragraphs. It decides the ideal age group for a composing test. It banners meaningfulness issues based on:

  1. Word-tally
  2. Character count
  3. Reading time
  4. Speaking time

After scanning this, Using AI technology, It rewrites what is more concise and clearer.

Writing style

Grammarly provides a variety of words to choose from and rewrites based on the supreme audience and tone of a piece, as determined by the writer.

Writing Assistant

Grammarly consists of an AI-powered writing assistant. The writing assistant scans a piece of writing and proposes fixes and suggestions that can be accepted or rejected with a click.

Editing Reports

Grammarly offers a downloadable report that you can ship to another essayist or editorial manager.

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly finds plagiarism, by differentiating a piece of writing to billions of web pages across the web. Grammarly also provides an article’s plagiarism score after detection. Then provides links that an editor can check.


  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Journalists
  • Students
  • Small business owners
  • Freelance writers
  • Content marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Academics and essayists
  • Content publishers
  • Anyone who writes in English often

Grammarly is backed by English grammar-checking tools only. However, it includes setting specific to American English, British English, and more.


The rate for Grammarly is given below:

  • Monthly Subscription: $30 USD/month
  • Quarterly Subscription: $60 USD/3 months
  • Annually subscription: $144 USD/a year

How to utilize Grammarly

Firstly, make an account using your Google or Facebook account. Facebook or your real email address. It’s fine to start with the cost-free version. Now, you can use Grammarly in many different ways.

Grammarly Web App

You can have access to the Grammarly web app via Then, paste a paragraph directly into the web app. Grammarly will scan that writing and propose fixes. You can then download the outcome or copy and paste that back into your writing app of choice.

You can download a PC application for Windows or Mac. These applications require the internet to utilize. They’re very helpful as you can drag a document or Word doc straightforwardly into the application and take a look at it. They additionally update naturally behind the scenes.

The applications additionally support rich text organizing. Meaning you can duplicate designed articles from the application back into your composition or distribute the application of the decision.

Grammarly extensions

Grammarly extensions are available on the following browsers:

  • Chrome extension
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

They are available after installing the plugin and logging in to your account.

Presently, Grammarly consequently scans writing in your internet browser. You can go through it as pop to browse messages in Gmail, your most recent web-based entertainment posts, and that’s just the beginning, on the fly.


  1. Open google chrome and visit the Grammarly website to download the add-in then click -> ‘Get it for windows it’s free ’.
  2. Once it’s downloaded at the bottom next to the file name, Click -> ‘Options’ Button -> Open.
  3. When the file has opened, Click-> Run.
  4. When the installer has opened, Click-> ‘Get started’.
  5. Select which Microsoft Application you want to install the Grammarly add-in.

Click-> Tick Box (Microsoft word)

Click-> Tick box (Microsoft Outlook)

When you are satisfied with your choices, Click-> Installed and wait for it to finish.

  1. When Grammarly has finished installing. You will receive a message on the installer notifying you to restart any running word or outlook applications.

Click -> OK -> FINISH

Then feel free to save any work and close and resume word and viewpoint assuming they were open.

  1. Go to Microsoft Word and Click –> Home and find the Grammarly add-in and Click ->open Grammarly.
  2. Go to Microsoft Outlook and click –> home and find the grammar add-in and Click-> Reply with Grammarly.

NOTE: To utilize Grammarly you should make an account, you can do this through the add-in once introduced or using their site

Grammarly keyboard

When enacted, the console application will check your composition as you create an instant message or email. It helps fix botches while dealing with the go. It additionally incorporates shrewd forecasts to accelerate composting.

Is purchasing Grammarly premium worth it?

For many, It is worth it. As they write and publish dozen of articles across different websites each week. They edit articles by other freelance writers for these sites with the help of a freelance editor.

It’d be difficult to alter and distribute these articles without the assistance of a dependable premium sentence structure checker that can recognize issues I normally miss. Furthermore, I’ve gained some useful knowledge about the better places of English syntax because of this apparatus.

Grammarly Business

Grammarly recently introduced a business mode version of their software. Which contains some additional features from the premium model. The business edition of the software includes:

  • Administrator and client the board controls for protection and security of your cooperation.
  • Priority 24/7 email support
  • Consolidate billing
  • Observing instruments for checking commitment patterns
  • A style guide
  • Collaboration features

Writing objectives

Before writing content it is important to have a writing goal or objective.

  • Aim e.g., Information, narrating the story, passing news, etc.
  • Viewer e.g., General or expert
  • Style e.g., Formal or informal
  • Emotion e.g., Gentle or strong
  • Zone e.g., Academic, Business, or technical

The premium category of Grammarly conveys additional insights based on these goals. I found this feature helpful for altering technical documentation by which. I accepted the crowd was knowledgeable about the theme.

Then, Grammarly surfaces issues to fix using five key sentence grammar checker reports, close by its plagiarism locator.

  1. Correctness

Grammarly underlines grammar and spelling botch in red and proposes fixes. Hope to utilize this report the most.

After utilizing this grammar checker on a few articles and book sections, I found I have found a bad habit of using the wrong sentences.

I’m likewise at fault for utilizing a periodic squinting modifier. Indeed, these are better places of grammar yet realizing my bad habits assisted me with adjusting my composition.

The implicit grammar structure checkers in Microsoft Word and Google Docs didn’t give me these sorts of experiences


I additionally especially like the “Acknowledge all ideas” feature. This empowers me to audit a few composing ideas in a report and acknowledge or dismiss them at the same time

  1. Clarity

Grammarly audits a piece of composing for ungainly and abnormal sentence structure. It then, at that point, underlines issues in blue. It additionally examines for occurrences of the latent voice.


Utilizing AI innovation, Grammarly proposes changes and different fixes. You’ll have to make a judgment about these proposals, as not all are important. All things considered. I was dazzled by quite a few of these proposals.

  1. Engagement

Grammarly surveys a piece of composing for hard to comprehend and overused words and features them in green. It additionally searches for ungainly sentences.

  1. Delivery

Grammarly audits a piece of composing given your favored tone and crowd. It underlines issues in purple.

  1. Style

Grammarly audits a piece of composing given your organization’s style guide. It features issues in dark.

  1. Grammarly Plagiarism detector

The plagiarism report is one of the best Grammarly instruments. It’s premium as it were. Grammarly examines a piece of composing, checks the web, and features plagiarized sites with links.

This apparatus requests undergrads and writers worried about referring too vigorously to their sources, without appropriate attribution.

It’s great for those composing scholastic substance consistently. It assists with looking into a companion’s work and for actually looking at an exposition for unintentional plagiarism.

Grammarly plagiarism detector

The Grammarly plagiarism indicator is likewise valuable on the off chance that you’ve composed an article and can’t recollect your sources. Writers can check if they’ve incidentally replicated text from research sources without referring to or connecting accurately.


  1. Is Grammarly 100% correct?
  2. While Grammarly can recognize many slip-ups in your text and deal with various prompts to work on your composition. It is somewhat flawed. It’s FAR FROM a swap for a natural eye. A 2017 Grammarly audit by Grammarist guarantees that it simply found thirty mistakes out of 43 that’s 72% accuracy.
  3. Is Grammarly worth buying?
  4. Indeed, Grammarly works. It’s better at getting spelling and punctuation mistakes than some other checker. By the day’s end, that is all there is to its most prominent selling point. Composing programming has never been right.
  5. What is better than Grammarly?
  6. List Of The Top Grammarly Alternatives
  7. Hemingway App.

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