Top 6 Solutions to Fix iPhone Hotspot keeps Disconnecting

We all don’t have a broadband connection which is why we rely on the Hotspot share which gives free internet when connected to someone’s phone or devices like laptops. The problem is that sometimes the Wi-Fi connection or hotpot disconnects on its own without you turning it off. It’s really helpful for you that how to Fix iPhone Hotspot keeps Disconnecting?

It happens automatically sometimes because the phone has to optimize its battery usage. There are other reasons too. That’s why it disconnects other phones’ hotpots automatically which is a built-in setting in the phone. Android as well as iPhones, both face this problem more often. This happens a lot when we connect our mobile hotspot with our laptops, computers, etc. you will see that it sometimes disconnects automatically which is annoying sometimes.

Top 6 Solutions to Fix iPhone Hotspot keeps Disconnecting

Fix iPhone Hotspot keeps Disconnecting

Some Common hotspot issues of Connection:

There are following some possible ways where you can fix your hotspot connection issues:-

  1. The first issue could be like your hotspot connection is off which is a very simple issue where you have already checked the connection. Whenever we connect our phone to Wi-Fi, our hotspot Wi-Fi automatically turns off.

Follow Some Steps If you want to enable it

  • Firstly, go to your settings and find the personal hotspot.
  • Open the personal hotspot and enable the hotspot tethering by pressing on the toggle which says “Allow others to join”.
  • Also, remember that you should insert the correct password by clicking on the Wi-Fi password below. Your phone provides you with very random and tough passwords which would be harder to even remember. Hence, you can change and create your own password which is easy for a successful connection.
  1. The personal hotspot uses your mobile data to be shared with other devices, and sometimes it is the mobile data that is causing the issue. Simply turning it ON and OFF can solve the issue for a lot of people out there.

To do this follow these steps:-

  • Go to your settings on the iPhone.
  • Open the mobile data option.
  • Turn OFF the toggle of mobile data if it is already turned ON and again turn it ON to solve the issue.
  • By doing this your hotspot will also switch to the same as you did with mobile data.
  1. The new settings update can also cause hotspot connectivity issues. So, you make sure that keep your phone up to date. To do this follow these steps:-
  • First Open your setting app.
  • Navigate to the general settings folder and find the option called “About”.
  • Scroll down all the way down in the About and make sure that the “Network provider” is kept up to date.
  • Alternatively, you can clear your settings to not your whole device but just the settings. By doing this, your will clear up all the configuration of your Wi-Fi, Mobile data, VPN, and all. So, all the cache will be deleted and you can do this by just Reset the settings.

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How to Fix the Wi-Fi Privacy Warning on iOS 14?

To solve all of these warning issue, just follow some steps:-

  • Go to the settings app on your cell phone.
  • You will find the Wi-Fi option
  • Tap on your current Wi-Fi router, you have connected.
  • Tap on the Private address and turn this toggle OFF.
  • After doing this, tap on the rejoin the Network option.
  • Then, go back & turn OFF the Wi-Fi and wait a few seconds.
  • Then again, turn it ON and you will not find out the privacy warning under that random Hotspot.
  • If you Reset the settings of your Wi-Fi, then next time your phone will use a different private address to connect to a Wi-Fi connection.

Top 6 Solutions iPhone Hotspot keeps Disconnecting

How to Fix Wi-Fi Disconnecting on iOS 14.4?

You can do the following tricks and tacks to solve your connection issues on your iPhone:-

  • Solution 1: Turn OFF all connections

Another issue could be your other connections like your Bluetooth and Cellular data. Turn them OFF, otherwise, your Wi-Fi will keep on disconnecting continuously. Also, disconnect your phone from wherever it is currently connected like the speakers, laptop, etc.

  • Solution 2: Airplane mode

Enable and Disable your Airplane mode. For doing this, just open your settings and there is a topmost bar named “Airplane Mode”. Turn OFF this toggle and wait for 30 seconds. This is like you are refreshing your mobile for few times which will disconnect all the connections on your mobile. After this, again turn it ON, and it will solve your problems.

  • Solution 3: Change your connection name

Another thing you can do is you can change your iPhone name. For doing this go to your settings app. Go to the “General” and tap on “About”. Here you will find out the first option which is the “Name” of your connection.

  • Solution 4: Shut down your phone

This is the most common and all-in-one solution for many issues and problems on your phone whether it is Android or iPhone. By simply restarting your phone, the disconnecting problem will probably be solved. You can also do this by shutting your phone through your settings.

  • Solution 5: Force shutdown

The forced shutdown can easily be done which is also like shutting down the whole system. If any error was coming or any update was ready to be installed which was waiting for your phone to get restarted will install the updates too.

  1. a) If you are using the iPhone 8, 10, 11, or 13 then you can do this by simultaneously pressing the side button which is your power button, and the volume up or down button.
  2. b) If you are iPhone 7 user, then press the power/ sleep button and volume down.
  3. c) If you are using 6S plus or any earlier model, then press the home button and power button.

By doing this on your phones respectively, the Apple logo will appear on your phone which will shut your phone down.

  • Solution 6: Reset all settings

By doing this, all your settings including the customized settings to default settings like Notification Sound, wallpaper, ringtone, etc. But, none of your data will be deleted like your photos, videos, etc.

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