Best Druid Spell List D&D 5th Edition (Complete Guide) 2022

Druid is the Dungeons and Dragons SE class. It gives the ability to take the form of various characters from the Animal Kingdom as well as a few creatures from the kingdom. Druids give you the power of nature to fight against your opponents. While the given power depends on you, what kind of druid character you create. When the first is completed, until you reach the second level, the druid gets a little weaker as compared to other spell users’ classes. The number of spells a druid can learn is limited. But, once they gain the ability to turn into a creature and gain wild shape, they can cast more spells. This level allows you to choose which circle/power of nature your druid is going to follow.

On top of that, Druid Circle gives their characters an extra feature and spells, so they get leveling up and the wild shape ability. At higher levels, druids gain access to some pretty powerful spells, which they’ll be able to use even in beast form once they reach the 18th level.

Best Druid Spell List D&D 5th Edition (Complete Guide) 2022

Druid Spells 5e

Druids have an individual spell list with lots of options. While they still have helpful options and many spells which focus on area control and creating the battlefield. When you select your character, you will be casting a spell to win the fight.

Your first choice as a druid is between a wooden shield or a simple weapon. Choosing a simple weapon from option A will allow your druid to wield a ranged weapon, while the shield gives an obvious defensive advantage. A scimitar is a weapon to start with, but you might prefer to use something that deals damage instead of slashing.

How do Druid spells work?

As a spell, users of druids can prepare which spells they plan to use after every long rest. The number of spells per level is determined by how many spell slots your druid has at each level. Your druid will not be able to learn two second-level spells if he has two second-level slots.

Druid spell list:

Druid spells are divided into different levels such as:

  • Cantrips
  • 1st-Level Spells
  • 2nd-Level Spells
  • 3rd-Level Spells
  • 4th-Level Spells


In this, a druid can cast different spells:

  • Control flame: Druids can light a fire, through fire and can control the direction.
  • Poison Spray: Poison spray has serious problems: it has a 10 ft. range, and it works on a constitution saving throw, so enemies will usually resist it.
  • Produce flame: The Druid’s go-to damage can trip; it allows you to hold the flame and carry it around as a source. You are holding a flame large enough to cast twice as much light as needed.
  • Mold earth: Druids can damage and trip: it gives an ability to mold earth.
  • Shape water: It allows to shape water according to the situation: used for combat or defense.

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Druid Spell list 5e

1st-Level Spells:

  • Absorb Elements: A defensive option at any level, this will save your life when you encounter an unpredictable source of elemental damage like a trap or a spell.
  • Beast Bond: by using this spell, it allows you to combine with a beast but doesn’t do any good to you.
  • Charm Person: If you can cast this on a target outside combat without them noticing, this can be a great way to diffuse a hostile situation. However, the spell has some complications.
  • Create or Destroy Water: The ability to magically create water for different uses.
  • Cure Wounds: More healing than Healing Word, but the action economy is considerably worse.
  • Detect Magic: Someone needs to have it at every party.
  • Detect Poison and Disease: Very situational, and unless you can also cast Protection from Poison, there’s little you can do about it anyway.
  • Healing Word: More important than Cure Wounds, especially at low levels.
  • Beast Sense: This spell helps a druid to contact animals or beasts. It allows users to gain help from animals with dark vision and deafness etc. • Continual Flame: Having reliable, constant light is nice. Cast this on a shield or a weapon, to give an edge to the user.
  • Darkvision: Darkvision is a significant tactical advantage, and with an 8-hour duration this is a fantastic way to get it.
  • Dust Devil: It has a one-minute duration means that you can spend a lot of time pushing enemies around.
  • Smoke clouds: This spell is for 5 minutes but creates a good hideout from enemies.

2nd-Level Spells:

  • Wall of Water: Warding Wind also disadvantages ranged attacks and it’s both a level lower and it follows you.
  • Water Breathing: Situational, but crucial when you need it.
  • Water Walk: Usually flight is a better option than walking across a liquid.
  • Wind Wall: Extremely situational


What is Druid Spells?

Druid spells are used to fight against enemies by using different spells.  These spells are unlocked when the druid character levels up.

What are Dungeons and Dragons SE classes?

It is a multiplayer game. Different people play online, and they combat each other by using the Druid character.

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