Difference between Black Friday vs Cyber Monday : Which one has better discounts?

History of Black Friday

In the late 19th century, President Ibrahim Lincoln designated the Thanksgiving holiday as the last Thursday of November. In 1905, Canadian departmental store hosts began the Thanksgiving Day parade by bringing Santa on a wagon through the streets of downtown Toronto.

In 1924, Athens’s parade inspired the mercy department store to launch its famous Thanksgiving Day parade in New York. The parade boosted the shopping for the following day.

In 1950, people began calling it sick, the day after thanksgiving essentially giving themselves a four-day weekend. In 1966, Black Friday became famous in the print after the story that appeared in an Ad in American philatelist, stamp collectors.

Difference between Black Friday vs Cyber Monday : Which one has better discounts?

black friday vs cyber monday

How profitable was Black Friday for retailers?

The Philadelphia police department had used the name to describe the shopping chaos at downtown stores. With all the shopping activity, the Friday after thanksgiving became one of the profitable days of the year. So now, Black Friday means Profitable Friday to the retailing and rest of the economy. It is because retail and consumer spending drives almost 70% of the U.S domestic gross product. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 84 million people shopped in stores on Black Friday in 2019, and 34 million shopped on Thanksgiving Day in 2005.

History of Cyber Monday

The first Monday after Thanksgiving Day was designated as Cyber Monday by Shop.org. At that time, not everyone had a high-speed internet connection and as internet availability and its speed has increased nowadays, online shopping has increased especially on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday shopping started earlier every year.

Top shops like Walmart, Amazon, and Target started Cyber week sales on Thanksgiving Day itself. The best way to get on to their deals is to sign up for their daily email newsletters.

How beneficial are Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?

Generally, tech products are more widely discounted than any other products. On average data available on the internet about the sales comparison between both days, Black Friday sales were seen to be reaching 1007 dollars by each shopper amongst which more than 600 dollars were counted as for gifts and remaining had small proportions of grocery, food items, flowers, etc.

On the other hand, Cyber Monday has been the record sales each year with an 8-fold increase in sales in the last 10 years since it’s the first year. But people like to shop on Black Friday more than on Cyber Monday even though Cyber Monday is giving Friday a run for its money.

Pros and Cons of Black Friday


  • You can touch and feel the product.
  • Browse for Aisles.
  • Special offers.
  • No worry about order cancellation.
  • No shipping fees.


  • More stresses on Due date.
  • Some merchandise is on the lower end.
  • Tempted to overspend.
  • More crowded.
  • A limited quantity of products so that an early bird can get the best advantage to buy quickly.
  • Most products are sold out too soon until you reach them.

Pros and Cons of Cyber Monday


  • Compare prices and then place an order.
  • Avoid crowd.
  • Shop from anywhere.
  • Allows you to get the advantage of a discount after you missed Black Friday.


  • You can’t see products and there is a possibility that they might be different when appear.
  • Shipping wait time might get longer.
  • The website might get crashed.
  • Some people hate returning purchase mail which you have to do at your expense.
  • Express shipping is not available which most customers prefer to use.

Products you can buy on Black Friday

There will be more deals on this day on the following products:

  • Household items and appliances.
  • Gaming consoles.
  • Blue-ray movies.
  • Apple products.

Products you can buy on Cyber Monday

There will be more targeted deals on the following products on this day:

  • Beauty products.
  • Travel deals.
  • Clothing items (Men’s accessories, Women’s accessories, Kids’ accessories).
  • Small appliances like dryers, trimmers, etc.

Thumb rules for Black Friday vs Cyber Monday:

Following rules, you should keep in mind when you are going to buy through the deal days:

  • Always shop expensive products on Black Friday as you can see them already for satisfaction and it will prevent you from any major loss. While you should buy gadgets on Cyber Monday.
  • Go to Big Retailers on Black Friday and buy from resellers on Cyber Monday.
  • Shop on Black Friday for this year’s products and old generation products on Cyber Monday.

Which amongst these days is the best to shop?

Well as the products mentioned above, you can choose the day accordingly because you can find much better deals, promo codes, and discounts on those mentioned products above on the following days. Also, the pros and cons are mentioned above you can choose on your own. But, in our opinion, while looking at the two most important requirements that are

  • Free Shipping
  • Have a look before you buy the option

Then we highly recommend you buy on Black Friday. Because these two are main facilities which any customer would look for.


  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which is more profitable?

Considering your choice of products which you want to buy, you can choose on your own. Both offer the best deals in their zones of shopping products.

  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday, is it a way to sell out used products or defective products?

Well, that’s not the case. As the history mentioned above that it all started due to Thanksgiving. Also, some sellers don’t get many customers on their outlets but can get more orders to sell their products easily online. As far as defective products are concerned, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can go for an exchange offer.

Your product will be replaced if the issue is genuine and sometimes you get to keep that product and they offer you coupons in return.

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