Asmongold Girlfriend 2023 – Who is He Dating in 2023

Asmongold Girlfriend 2023: Who is He Dating in 2023?:

Who is Asmongold?

Originally named Zack as known as Asmongold on social media is an American resident. He is famous for live streams on trending social media app today which is Twitch and also among some well-recognized YouTubers. He is also well known for live game streaming on YouTube of World of Warcraft. Moreover, he is also the founder of One True King, which is an online gaming organization and content creation group. He is only and largely famous because of his Twitch account and gameplay.

Why Asmongold is famous?

Asmongold is popular due to his gaming on his YouTube channel. He joined another social media platform in 2013 named, Twitch and since then he has been active on it. He streams on YouTube with his friends of World of Warcraft and also does a chit-chat session with his fans during the streams. Furthermore, he is one of the biggest streamers on the Twitch app.

Asmongold Girlfriend 2023 - Who is He Dating in 2023

Asmongold’s girlfriend: Pink Sparkles

The duo appeared on the Twitch streaming together in various streams, and they even met on the stream chatting too. Pink Sparkles used to join his streams like a generic fan while giving no clue to other people what was happening. Until one day, she opened up on her relationship with Asmongold in the live stream which left the fans amazed. She also said it was not a meme or any kind of publicity stunt to do this on live stream but they both were dating and chatting since they first met on the Twitch streaming. Also, Asmongold gave the green signal after hearing this and confirmed their relationship.

Who is Pink Sparkles?

Pink Sparkle’s birth name is Samantha Tomlinson, and she was born in Poland in 1995. She has been brought up with her two siblings in her hometown, but later she moved to Texas, California in the United States of America with her family. She also holds Canadian nationality too. Furthermore, she is popular among people due to her various social media appearances and streaming apps. They include Only Fans, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Websites, and many more. Pink Sparkles is also famous with her nickname Izzy on streaming platforms including Fortnite, WoW, and League of Legends. She completed her graduation in Poland and started teaching at the school there before moving to America.

Pink sparkles net worth

Pink Sparkles was a teacher in Poland before she joined League on the Twitch streaming, and she instantly became popular. She has made earnings around half a million each year from Twitch streaming. Moreover, she has hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram where she promotes several brands and does pay promotions. She charges in five digits amounts which add to her net worth. She also has an account on the Only Fans where the site gives her a heavy amount. The site charges her fans to show them the premium content of her and access to her photos and more here. Her total estimated net worth is approximately $3 million.

Asmongold Girlfriend 2023 Who is He Dating in 2023

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Pink sparkles controversy

She was banned in 2020 from her Twitch account for promoting adult content which is a claim of many Reddit users who posted comments there. Because of her bold nature and her clothes selection, some users even said that her revealing dresses were the cause of her breakup with Zack aka Asmongold. Some fans also alleged her during Asmongold’s streaming, but he ignored those comments without putting words in someone’s mouth.

Pink Sparkles Breakup with Asmongold:

The duo had been in a relationship for almost 2 years. They met in 2018 during a stream, and she was a fan of his game play. All things were good and steady until December 12, 2021. The social media stars announced their break-up news in front of their fans without throwing any tantrums or allegations on each other. They mend their ways away from each without due to some unknown reason. But, on many occasions when they were asked about each other and their break-up, they refused to say anything, but sometimes they also replied saying due to many reasons, they have to take that decision.

Before their break-up, Pink Sparkles without giving any particular reason tweeted through her social media account saying that she has been suffering from trauma and depression while in a living relationship with Asmongold. This made her fans speculate and conclude that it was an abusive relationship, but Pink Sparkles didn’t give any justification or replied to it. Also, she didn’t take down those comments of her fans showing something was happening pun intended.

Asmongold Girlfriend 2023

Pink Sparkles tweet about her relationship with Asmongold:

Pink Sparkles aka Izzy tweeted and explained why they want to break up. She said,

“I’ve been very unhappy in Austin for many reasons. It led me into a pretty deep depression for a while, making it impossible for me to go live. So I’ve decided that I should move back to Cali and work on myself.”

Asmongold after a few days also tweeted that he wanted a break from everything, and he just wanted to stay alone without saying anything about his breakup with Sparkles.

When did things start getting messy between Pink Sparkles and Asmongold:

Considering her number of tweets, it is not difficult to conclude that they both have been not comfortable with each other since the beginning. But, they were giving time to their relationship to build up, but certain things were not getting correct. She said it was really hard for both of them to enjoy time together after a certain period after their relationship started. She even said it would be wrong for both of them to stay disturbed because of their relationship all the time, so they should separate their ways.

Is Pink Sparkles still in contact with Asmongold after a breakup:

After all the drama and mess created, Pink Sparkles confirmed the news that both will stay friends still after their break-up, but one can easily predict it is hard for two exes to stay good friends after a break-up. Cut to Asmongold, he has also been found watching streams of Pink Sparkles several times and fans caught them together speculating are they again together?

Details about Pink Sparkles:

  • Famous name: Pink Sparkles
  • Date of birth: May 2, 1995,
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters).
  • Weight 123 lbs
  • Nationality: Canadian, American
  • Occupation: Twitch streaming, Social media personality
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: Derek and Chelsey.
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Religion: Not Known.
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight.
  • Place of Birth: Poland, Canada.

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