Alternative Drug for Treating Arrhythmia

It is also an anticoagulant drug too which doesn’t allow blood clogging in heart valves which could cause any serious damage or blockage.

The trigoxin is the drug which is also approved by Food and Drug Association in the USA which is an international organization abbreviated as FDA. This medicinal drug helps in atrial relaxation properly. If the atrial system is disturbed, then the chain will go on and the other systems of carrying oxygenated and deoxygenated blood to the lungs and back to the heart will be delayed. It can result in heart blockage and even heart attack. Hence, it is a perfect drug and highly recommended.

Alternative Drug for Treating Arrhythmia:

Alternative Drug for Treating Arrhythmia

The bizarre heart disease, especially by the ischemia resulting from the inadequate coronary blood flow or abnormal sequence of contraction of heart chambers. The pumping effectiveness of the heart can be affected severely even to the extent that it can cause death. The normal rhythms of our heart include the proper working of the pacemakers in our heart which are a blessing from mother nature. They control the auricular and ventricular contraction of our heart which are our heart chambers.

These contractions can be observed by the ECG report which shows us the waves showing contraction and relaxation of heart chambers. If there is any abnormality in these contractions and relaxations then there will be a rhythmic disturbance and the heart will not pump blood efficiently to our body. This is called Arrhythmia. The digoxin helps in the relaxation of heart valves and also the widening of the blood vessels. Hence, this medicine can also be used to treat high blood pressure or hyperactivity of the heart. If not treated, then it could cause into bursting of heart valves or any vessel from the body of the vital organs.

If there is a concept of prescription and doctors, then it means there has to be, something which we don’t know but doctors do. When we visit our doctor, he/she will do the whole check-up. Its only purpose is to check what is our condition and how are we feeling. After all this they will give us prescription and recommend any medicine. Most of the time, we start getting tablets without recommendation and merely told by some random person which is wrong and it can react with our body. So, if you are a liver, kidney, asthma patient or suffering with any of the nasal disturbance, then you should not use that without prescription. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking the dosage. You can only take that with a prescription if you already had a checkup and on basis of your health, you were recommended this. If anything happens, don’t go for treatment on your own just reach your doctor immediately.

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Another name of Trigoxin tablet?

It is also named Digoxin which is a real-life drug, derived from the Digitalis plant that helps to treat those people suffering from poor heart activity. But, Trigoxin is not any medicine in real life which is a derived name from Digoxin. This name is used in the movie , Run. On the basis of its action in movie, this tablet is given this name too. If you have watched this movie then you might know that Diane was giving this pill to Chloe since her childhood. The Digoxin belongs to the family of drugs named as Cardiac glucosides, which all are used for heart related disease.

Is green pill in the movie ‘Run’ is Trigoxin?

If you have seen the Hulu special movie named Run, then you might know the drug name Trigoxin. The lady named Diane which is character played by Sarah Paulson kidnaps a girl after her birth from the hospital and used to lock her in the room and start raising her. Diane had some mental issues that’s why she kidnapped the girl named Chloe and started giving her pills to paralyze her limbs. In this way, she might remain dependent on her. When the girl becomes suspicious about the medication, Diane cuts of the internet availability so she might not get information about that drug. The movie is actually a play which has nothing to do with medical science but the characters played their roles phenomenally. The green pills which she used to give that girl were told to be heart disease and heart attack specific drug which patients take suffering from these diseases. But, later on a random stranger tells the girl that this medicine was for seizing limbs which doctors use after the surgery. Trigoxin has nothing to do with the medical science, and it is actually not any drug but as per its advantage are told in the movie, it is very similar to Digoxin.

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Is Trigoxin given to animals?

Trigoxin medicine is not any medicine for animals medication too. This medicine is given to dogs and humans both but with different name, Digitoxin. In case of animals, given drugs are most similar to Trigoxin which are local anesthetic drugs. These anesthesia drugs are used to treat sun burns, slushes and else, but it can also make your legs numb. The Mayo health center describes the drug that is comes in liquid forms too, but mostly it is given in form of pills.

Alternative drug for treating Arrhythmia:

The alternative drug can be the Rhinocaine which is an arrhythmia treatment drug and anesthesia medicine for relaxing muscles of heart. The pacemakers in heart are the SA node and AV node which produces nerve impulses that travel along the heart muscle for creating the polarization. As a result of this polarization, the muscles contract also in return the heart chambers contract in response to this drug action.

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Route of administration of Digitoxin (Trigoxin):

This drug is given orally which is the best pathway to give any anesthesia because it reaches our stomach and eventually whole body parts. But, it is also given intravenous which means it is directly injected through the veins. With the blood flow, it reaches our heart and is pumped into our body where it is needed for action. But, intravenous is not preferable because it could be blocked or destroyed earlier in our bloodstream by the immune system or sometimes not. Hence, it is preferred to give it through the oral pathway.

Dosage forms of Digitoxin:

The dosage for the drug may be:

  • Solution form
  • Pill form/Tablet

If you are taking it in form of a solution, then you need to make it 0.05 mg/mL and in injective form, it should be 0.1 mg/mL and not more than that. The tablets come in also different ranges depending upon how much severity you have and need treatment. It comes from 0.0625 mg to 0.25 mg in 4 different dosage forms.

Same drug but different names around the world:

Depending upon the manufacturers in any country, the drugs are named different in various countries. When we talk about the United States, Digitoxin is sold as Digitek, Digox, Lanoxin, Lanoxicaps, and Lanoxin Pediatric. These all are different forms of Digoxin, and they are separately prescribed based on the symptoms in your body. In Canada, it is stocked and sold as Digitaline Nativelle.

Side effects of Digoxin:

Everything comes up with pros and cons combined. If your have not used the drug according to prescription and according to the recommended dosage on various time intervals or sometimes by fault of any new doctor it can be harmful. Although it is rare which may be observed in 1 out of 100 people suffering from heart problems, it could cause serious effects, but some include the following:

  • Allergic reactions to your stomach, heart, etc.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Dizziness.
  • Serious sweating.
  • Lightheadedness.

But symptoms may vary from person to person. If you feel something odd then quickly consult your doctor.

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